Oculus Quest 2 Additional Storage | Are you able to improve the reminiscence?

The Oculus Quest 2 is the largest, most impressive VR headset that isn’t plugged into a PC or console. However, this separation can lead to players wanting to update the memory in the system as the games are not saved on another system. So are there any additional storage options for Oculus Quest 2? If so, how do players expand memory?

How to get more storage space for Oculus Quest 2

There is no way to update Oculus Quest 2 storage. Since there are no external slots, users get stuck with the model they purchased as it does not include memory cards or SD chip slots. This means that 256GB and 64GB users will always have to live with what they have. 64GB users can buy the 256GB version, but that’s a pretty expensive way to upgrade storage as it basically means buying a brand new headset. Websites that claim they can upgrade an Oculus Quest 2’s memory are probably not worth a look.

Users reaching their storage limit will have to do a good job on an old hard drive to stay within their storage limits. Delete completed games, especially larger games like The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners. Most VR titles are pretty small downloads, so this shouldn’t be too difficult for most people.

Players can also work around this by installing some games on their PC and using a connection cable to play those games on that PC instead of the headset. Many Oculus games are cross-buy games, which frees up space on the headset. While this does reduce portability, it is an option.

Given all of these limitations, it might be best for gamers to wait and hope for a bigger Oculus Quest 3. The original Oculus Quest was introduced in May 2019 and launched with a 64 GB variant and a 128 GB variant. The Oculus Quest 2 was released in October 2020 and had not only the 64 GB base, but also a 256 GB version. Given this trend, Oculus is likely to add memory to the next version of the headset and satisfy gamers who want more. However, external storage options are unlikely.

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