Oculus Quest 2 128GB Mannequin On Sale August 24 For $299

Facebook plans to sell a 128GB version of Oculus Quest 2 for $ 299 on Aug. 24.

The new entry-level Quest 2 doubles the storage of the 64GB device it replaces. Facebook will continue to sell a 256GB model for $ 399.

A silicone case will be included in the packaging of every new headset sold after Facebook said about 5,700 people in the US reported a skin irritation problem with the original foam.

The new Oculus Quest 2 SKU leaked for the first time last week.

In the Oculus Quest Store, the three episodes of Vader Immortal add up to 10.1 GB while Myst is 9.6 GB and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is 8.4 GB. Later this year, Resident Evil 4 will be the first game exclusive to Oculus Quest 2. While we don’t know how much space it will take up on the headset, Resident Evil 4 on Nintendo Switch requires 12GB of storage. Facebook also funds Splinter Cell VR and Assassin’s Creed VR games, and either or both could be pretty expansive in their storage requirements. Also, Facebook has acquired a number of VR game development studios, and any titles they develop for the Quest platform can also have significant storage requirements.

Oculus Quest 2 doesn’t have expandable storage, so the entry-level 128GB model offers plenty of room for a growing library of games available on the platform. The original Quest, which began selling in 2019, was available in 64GB and 128GB models for $ 399 and $ 499, respectively. These headsets were replaced by the more powerful Quest 2 at the end of 2020.

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