No Cable: Play PC VR Video games Wirelessly on Oculus Quest 2 With ‘Air Hyperlink’ Improve

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The Oculus Quest 2 offers a killer feature for PC VR fans: the ability to stream wireless games from a desktop rig to the headset.

Currently, you can play PC VR games on both Quest 2 and Quest 1 through Oculus Link. A suitable USB-C cable is required to transfer the VR experience from a PC to the headsets. However, the cable can interrupt immersion in the VR. It’s a bit sluggish too. In the worst case scenario, you could accidentally trip over it or move too far and tear it out of your computer.

However, the Oculus Air Link lets you stream the PC VR experience over your home’s Wi-Fi network instead.

A Quest 1 connected to a USB-C Oculus Link cable.
A Quest 1 connected to a USB-C Oculus Link cable.

“Oculus Link cables continue to provide a robust and consistent experience, while users with a strong Wi-Fi setup can stream wirelessly over Air Link,” the company wrote in a blog post.

The “strong WiFi” means that your VR play area is ideally located within a 20-foot radius of your WiFi router. The company also recommends running the Quest 2 headset on a 5 GHz Wi-Fi signal on an 802.11ac or 802.11ax router (Wi-Fi 6). Finally, it is best if the network does not remain congested while using the Air Link feature.

Oculus warns that Air Link is arriving as an experimental feature so it may not work smoothly. “We will work to improve Air Link over time, including performance, visual quality and the ability to work in less than ideal wireless scenarios,” the company added.

To activate Air Link, Quest 2 owners must first download the Oculus v28 update for their PC and headset. The update will be released soon. Next, navigate to Settings> Beta in the PC app and activate the Air Link switch. Then put on your Quest 2 headset, go to Settings> Experimental and turn on Air Link, ”says Facebook.

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Unfortunately, Air Link only comes to Quest 2 for now. “Although we haven’t ruled out support for the original Quest in the future, we’re focusing on tweaking Air Link so that it’s the best possible experience for Quest 2 first,” says Facebook .

The other key feature in the pipeline for Quest 2 is support for a refresh rate of 120 Hz, an increase of 90 Hz. “Developers can soon start shipping apps on the Oculus Store that run natively at 120 Hz while Quest 2 -Users can activate the 120 Hz option via a switch in the experimental window to experience these applications at higher frame rates, “the company says.

Facebook plans to add the 120 Hz option in a future software release for Quest 2.

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