NexiGo has a brand new charging dock for the Oculus Quest 2

Anker killed it with its charging station for the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. However, the competition is heating up and now another company is also on its heels. NexiGo also recently launched an improved dock for the VR headset and controllers, and it also requires little effort to use.

One of the most important things in designing a dock for a wireless VR headset is to make the dock as wireless as possible too (in our book). Second, to make sure it charges quickly. Anker got this right with wireless contacts on the remote controls and a magnetic USB adapter for the headset’s USB port.

NexiGo’s newest dock comes close, narrowly missing a full delivery but without dropping the ball, which makes it worthy advice. It also has a magnetic adapter for the headset. In contrast to Anker’s model, however, you have to bring the cable to the headset manually after dropping it on the stand, where it clicks into place when you approach (where, in Anker’s design feature, the cable was pushed into the dock so that it automatically grips the Adapter while the headset drops into the dock). A small difference with an additional second effect on the part of the user (not bad).

It’s also a few dollars less than Anker’s model and weighs just $ 79.99 (compared to Anker’s $ 98.99). So I’d say that maybe it’s just worth the extra second you spend plugging the headset into the cable.

It also looks a little cooler than Anker’s solution in some ways. While Ankers looks like a soundbar-shaped dock that you drop everything into, NexiGo’s one is a bit closer to Skywin’s PSVR charging station (at least, it kind of comes close to it). However, Ankers looks like the material quality could be a little higher. It’s hard to say because we don’t have anyone sitting in front of us to be able to say for sure. In any case, it has a neat design in general.

The new dock is available now and can be found on Amazon. Below is a button to do this.

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