nDreams Set to Publish First Title VR Metropolis Builder for Oculus Quest 2 Little Cities

Today nDreams announced that it is releasing the first game from its publisher label. The game is the first city builder for Oculus Quest 2 and is called Little Cities. It is being developed by the couple from Purple Yonder.

Create beautiful cities from scratch and watch them thrive and come to life! Start with an easy street, carefully place your residential, commercial or industrial areas, and then watch the citizens move in! But keeping them happy is the only way to make your cities grow: access to electricity, water, and network connectivity are a must, as are fire departments and police, schools and hospitals.

With different islands to populate, each with their own gameplay challenges, Little Cities offers multiple ways to play. Sit comfortably or enjoy the size of the room where you can move around and sit back to see the world you have created up close. The intuitive Oculus Touch controls make building easy, straightforward and fun!

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