Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 could have received Christmas

With all the talk of poor PS5 and Xbox Series X availability over the festive season, it seems Oculus Quest 2 seekers had no such problems.

According to third-party app download trackers, the Quest 2 may have sold around two million units in the run up to Christmas.

According to Sensor Tower, there were 1.5 million installs of the Oculus app on the App Store and the Google Play Store between December 23 and December 29. That’s a 517% increase on the previous week.

A week later, those installs dropped back to 345,000, which is still much higher than the pre-Christmas figure (77% higher, in fact). The app also made its way to the top of both the App Store and Google Play Store charts during the holiday. Apptopia, meanwhile, estimates that the app has been downloaded 2.189 million times worldwide since Christmas.

That suggests plenty of people were gifted to an Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas, although it could also mean loads of people got new phones and installed the Oculus app on their new handset. However, as TechCrunch points out, the figures recorded over Christmas 2021 are in line with the annual figures the app had notched in recent years.

What’s behind the apparent leap remains to be seen. It may be that a price cut and boosted storage options during 2021 hit the sweet spot for consumers.

It could also be that VR has reached a tipping point with VR buyers after years of stop-start progress. There was also a pretty strong marketing blitz from the company formerly known as Facebook during the festive season, which may now be paying off.

Here at Trusted Reviews, we’re big fans of the Oculus Quest 2. Just before the season commenced, our own Thomas Deehan called it the “ultimate Christmas present”.

He wrote: “With the ability to enjoy entertainment and gaming in a whole new way, I can’t think of any other tech item this year that would make for a better Christmas present than the Oculus Quest 2. At the very least, if the family dinner starts to veer into uncomfortable conversation then you can always pop the headset on and pretend that you’re on a rollercoaster instead. What could be better than that?”

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