In-app purchases may quickly come to early entry Oculus Quest 2 video games

Early access Oculus Quest2 games could soon offer microtransactions and DLC, thanks to a change in the Oculus App Lab. Previously, the Oculus alternative marketplace only allowed games to be topped up in advance and didn’t allow them to offer add-ons.

App Lab acts effectively as an alternative to the Quest Store. It allows games that don’t have a permit to be sold directly to players (without resorting to sideloading or other complicated means) while keeping the official marketplace clean and curated only with approved titles. The move also allows games to be developed in Early Access with player feedback, which gives smaller studios the opportunity to create new and exciting experiences.

However, the App Lab platform also had disadvantages, such as a lack of DLC functionality. According to RoadToVR, an Oculus spokesperson has confirmed that the company is working on adding DLC ​​options for developers later this year. At the moment we don’t know when exactly the change will happen, but we expect it to happen in the coming months.

Good for developers, good for gamers?

Gamers hate little more than microtransactions, and that’s especially true when the actual game isn’t even finished. But while these tactics may seem like an attempt to put wins in front of players, DLC and in-game purchases can be crucial in ensuring a title works.

At this time, App Lab developers cannot use a free-to-play model, or if they do, it will limit the scope of their game. With no ability to continually generate income through skins or other additional content, developers of these types of games must hope that their own funds will last until the game is fully released.

The creators might charge a fee upfront, but the free-to-play model relies on players being able to try something without price barriers getting in the way. App Lab developers have had to choose between popularity and profitability, but the change ahead means they can finally reconcile the two.

In addition, developers could use the change to fund new, meaningful content. This could make App Lab games more like Beat Saber, where new levels and tracks can be sold in addition to the base game.

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