Improve your Oculus Quest 2 with these controller grips from VR Cowl

If you have an Oculus Quest 2 and want to enhance your VR gaming experience, check out these controller grips from VR accessories company VR Cover.

The controllers that came with the Oculus Quest 2 already have small straps that can be tightened around your wrist. These make sure they won’t fall off if you use the controllers in different ways – or not at all. They work, but are very simple, which is why VR Cover created a more comfortable and robust option.

VR Cover’s Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2 ($ 29) give you more freedom to move your hands around in virtual environments and games while keeping the controllers safe. This is thanks to a non-slip material with a textured surface as well as elastic ankle straps that can be adjusted for different hand sizes.

Additionally, the fact that these handles add an extra layer of protection around the controllers means you don’t have to worry about them breaking a sweat – which is a serious consideration if you’re really into Beat Saber.

The new grips are available from VR Cover’s US and worldwide stores. They will soon also be available in European stores, but delivery to the UK is suspended for the time being due to Covid restrictions.

The company makes a number of different accessories designed to enhance your VR headset and gaming experience. This includes a cover for the inside of the headset to make it more comfortable and hygienic, as well as a cover to protect the lenses.

Of course, you don’t have to buy these additional accessories to use Quest 2, but it could make VR gaming a little more convenient and enjoyable for you if you spend a lot of time playing VR.

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