I simply tried Liteboxer VR for Oculus Quest 2 — and it really makes figuring out enjoyable

Whether you’re flying around in Microsoft Flight Simulator or playing an FPS, the Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best VR headsets for the job. But it also becomes a compelling exercise tool. I found how compelling when I got the chance to do a few laps to allay my frustrations with Liteboxer VR, a new virtual boxing app that debuted at CES 2022.

Liteboxer VR is an extension of the existing Liteboxer exercise bikes. However, instead of hitting a physical object, use the Oculus Quest 2 and its controllers to pound in the air (you can also use the app without the controllers). Currently in the beta phase, the app should appear at the end of February or beginning of March.

Liteboxer is currently selling the so-called Liteshield – a hexagonal device with six round punching pads – which synchronizes with the company’s app. Hit one of the pads and it will be registered in the app.

However, the liteshield must be wall-mounted or purchased with a large stand. If you don’t have room for the physical liteboxer – or don’t want to spend $ 1,245 on the equipment – the Liteboxer VR offers a more affordable and portable experience.

If you have a Liteboxer subscription ($ 29 / month) you can access the VR workouts for free. If you’re only using VR, it’ll cost $ 18.99 / month.

Within the app, you can select any number of recorded training units and courses or select a “beat-controlled training” that synchronizes beats with a song. Think of the latter option as Dance Dance Revolution, but for your fists instead of your feet. At the end of each song, you will be given a score based on the accuracy of your hits.

Better still, Liteboxer has a licensing agreement with Universal Music so you train to popular music rather than generic techno beats. You can also create your own playlists.

Aside from these sessions, Liteboxer adds a social aspect a la peloton so you can compete with others to see who can get more points and face direct challenges with other users. You will even be able to compete with other Liteboxer VR users in virtual sparring sessions. Since I was testing a beta version of the app, I couldn’t try this feature.

We’ll wait for the final version of Liteboxer VR to come out to give our final verdict, but it has a chance of becoming one of the best Oculus Quest 2 games out there. And with rumors circulating that an Oculus Quest Pro is around the corner, it may be worth the wait to get the best Liteboxer VR experience.

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