HTC Vive successor will not rival Oculus Quest 2 when it launches later in 2021

A senior HTC employee said the company plans to produce a new wireless, standalone VR headset in 2021 that “is likely better than what’s available from a vendor today”.

That’s the word from Alvin Wang Graylin, President of Vive in China, interviewed on YouTube on a channel called TeliportMe.

“I think we’ve said in the past that we’ll be releasing a new AIO [all-in-one] this year, ”said Graylin. “It’s our next generation standalone. We’ll have one this year [and] It’ll be a great product. “

Graylin then goes on to say that outside of some basic information, he can’t provide a lot of details about the new headset, but that it will be better than anything the company has available today.

What is the bad news? Unfortunately, Graylin also said he doesn’t see it line up with the Oculus Quest 2, Facebook’s premium wireless headset that launched in 2020 and is currently the leader in standalone VR. In short, we could look at a successor to the HTC Vive Focus (pictured above) or a price and performance a little further removed from the Oculus Quest.

Should you buy a Quest or wait for an HTC headset?

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new VR headset this year, news of another headset on the horizon probably won’t make your decision any easier.

Sony announced earlier this month that it was planning to produce a PSVR 2 headset, and there is even talk of the long-rumored Apple VR headset launching later this year.

Despite all the potential headsets, few seem to match exactly what the Oculus Quest 2 has to offer – namely, a standalone VR headset with good resolution and the potential to hit a refresh rate of 120Hz in the future. This adds to a solid catalog of games and the ability to run from your PC with a patch cord.

Whatever comes out of the Sony, Apple, and HTC camp may be great for their specific use cases, but so far it doesn’t seem like anyone is giving up any real competitor for the Quest 2 this year.

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