How To Set Up Your Desk In VR On Oculus Quest 2

With the new v28 update for Quest, access to the new Infinite Office desk feature is slowly rolling out. How to bring your desk to Oculus Quest in VR.

As part of version 28, Facebook is introducing a new feature that allows you to integrate your real desk into VR. This is part of a gradual introduction of the Infinite Office features.

Until recently, some users who had the v28 update haven’t had access to the desk feature, but reports from UploadVR staff and Reddit users indicate that it is finally generally available.

Get access

Bringing your desk into VR is considered an experimental feature. Hence, it will be listed on the Experimental Features tab of your Quest Settings menu, as shown below.

However, for some users, the desk option may not be listed yet. In this case, you can try to get access to the feature by clicking the “Reset All Experimental Features To Defaults” button at the top of the Experimental Features menu.

This will restart your headset and in some cases the desktop feature will show up in the list of experimental features after the restart is complete. UploadVR staff were able to access the feature using this method. However, if you don’t see it, you probably don’t have access to it yet.

As the name suggests, this can also reset your settings for other experimental feature settings like Air Link, 120 Hz, and more. If so, just turn it back on. However, we found that all of our features stayed enabled even after the reset.

Setting up your desk

Once you have access to the feature, getting your desk into VR is pretty easy.

Make sure you are seated in front of your desk, then click the Add / Remove button next to Bring Your Desk Into VR.

This will switch you to the passthrough cameras, where you can define the length of your desk by touching one end of your desk with your controller, holding down the trigger, and then moving the controller lengthways along the desk until you reach the opposite corner to reach.

infinite desk Oculus Quest 2

Next, you can place the controller face down on the desk and press the trigger to set the desk height. Once you complete the setup, the desk selection should match your real desk as shown in the picture above.

Confirm your selection and you are done – your quest will now display your real desk in VR, as pictured below.

Add your keyboard

If you want to take your VR office setup even further, you can also pair a Logitech K830 Bluetooth keyboard via experimental functions so that you can see the keyboard in VR and sync it with your Quest. This is only available on Quest 2.

While you will need the dedicated Logitech keyboard to make it work, this will bring you one step closer to a fully functional virtual office in Oculus Quest 2. The keyboard setup process can be found in the same Experimental Features menu in Settings.

Have you tried bringing your desk into VR? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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