How To Construct A Full Physique Newbie to Superior Exercise Routine With BOXVR

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BOXVR is a trainer-curated rhythm boxing game, available early on Steam, that is a cardio-heavy workout that uses your own body weight for conditioning. Readers getting back into the swing of an exercise routine can jump into BOXVR and find a workout that piques their interest. The longer sessions are a Full body boxing boot camp This keeps a warrior’s heart rate up with punches, lunges, and quick ninja reflexes.

Now let’s create a workout routine with BOXVR so you can pave your way towards fitness!

Before you jump in – warm up

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BOXVR boxers, warriors, and ninjas will want to warm up with shorter workouts like the ones suggested below before doing the longer, more physically intense workouts. Warming up before a longer workout relaxes the muscles, stimulates the metabolism and can also prevent injuries. These mini workouts can also be used as segments that create a larger workout.

Beginner & Intermediate

When you get to the workout selection menu, you’ll see the beginner on the left. Advanced students shouldn’t overlook this section just because it says Beginners. Beginners and Advanced BOXVR warriors These segments can be used to warm up arms or legs. Do you have pain while exercising your legs? Use these workouts to help you focus on arm day! Strapped for the time? Get a mini workout when you have the time!

Tip: Whatever you’re feeling that day, go with it. If it’s too easy for you, go around two or three times. But be wise and listen to your body so you don’t burn out too soon before the main event or the cardio and fat burning session that is waiting for you.

For a great introductory training with simplified movements, start here:

  • Welcome training: 3 minutes

If you want to focus on jabbing, combos, uppercuts, and hooks to warm up your arms, use these workouts:

  • Punching exercises: 2 minutes
  • Beat combinations: 3 minutes
  • Practice strokes: 2 minutes

Use this mini workout to get an introductory leg workout or warm up with basic leg movements:

  • Duck and Dodge: 3 minutes


You will see the selection menu and Power is displayed on the left. Use these one-on-one sessions to increase the warmth while targeting your core and lower body. Do you want to hit a little bit but focus more on your legs because it’s core and leg day? Use these mini workouts to put your core, quads, hamstrings, and glutes into overtime.

Tip: Keep your abs and obliques tight so squats, lunges, and evasive maneuvers support your back, but also work to straighten that bowel if you have one.

Pro tip: Choose one or more of these sessions to work out your middle and lower body, or for an isolated workout for the legs and core. Don’t just crouch or step out of the way to the lunge, get the job done. If you dive in and step sideways, you won’t see any results like you would if you actually did the job. Resist half the battle. Whole ass.

  • Duck duck goose: 5 minutes
  • Squat City: 6 minutes
  • Quad Watch: 5 minutes
  • Rumble: 5 minutes
  • Quads On Fire: 4 minutes
  • Squats until you drop: 5 minutes

The main event – cardio and fat burning

Credit to: FitXR / BOXVR

This is the higher intensity BOXVR section to be played as the main event. My Fitbit Blaze consistently reads that these workouts send your fat into the fat burning zone, but that may lead to a different reading for you. Wear a Smartwatch and play the following sessions to get your heart rate up and turn your fat burning metabolism around!

Tip: Play the 5-minute plus mini-workouts if you have the time, or play the longer 20-minute sessions to burn your entire body – arms, core, legs – like a world-class boxer.


Pressed due to time pressure or do you just want to do a training before a longer main event? If you play a, two, or even a handful of these games, you get a great combination of upper, middle and lower body activity that relies on quick reaction times to hit balls and dodge longe and squat bars like a powerful ninja.

  • Speed ​​Rock: 5 minutes
  • Hay maker: 6 minutes
  • Biception: 5 minutes
  • Hand-eye: 5 minutes
  • Stress therapy: 5 minutes
  • King of the Ring: 5 minutes


If you can handle more than one round of these high-intensity, cardio- and fat-burning workouts, this should be your choice. If you are new to the workouts on BOXVR, please listen to your body and know when you are exerting yourself. Stop or take breaks if you have to. Press pause, get some water, Call each other with your sweaty towel onand then go back to learn more when you’re ready.

  • Beast mode: 23 minutes
  • Sore muscles: 22 minutes
  • No pain, no gain: 24 minutes
  • The knockout: 22 minutes

Great stamina

We encourage new boxers to step up or improve their own fitness before delving into Super Endurance. Fit Warriors will want to work their way through endurance and mini workouts to train and build Super Endurance 1 over time and with daily or weekly use. If you find this workout is easy for you, buckle up Weight vest and then tell us how you feel!

  • Super endurance 1: 37 minutes

cooling down

Resist the urge to skip the cool down. You warmed up and went through the alarm clock with endurance, strength and speed exercises. Now give your body a chance to cool off from exercising. This will relax your muscles, but it will also lower your heart rate more gradually. Play one or two of these sessions, then emerge victorious and sweaty.

  • Welcome training: 3 minutes
  • Punching exercises: 2 minutes
  • Beat combinations: 3 minutes
  • Practice strokes: 2 minutes
  • Duck and Dodge: 3 minutes

Endless and multiplayer

BOXVR gameplayCredit to: FitXR / BOXVR

Play Endless mode if you want to hit, bump, hook, and improve your way to fitness by competing against yourself. See how long you can keep hitting balls before you can’t walk or consume too many lives. This is a great exercise solution as you improve your accuracy and coordination.

Play in multiplayer mode If you have a friend who also uses BOXVR. Coordinate training with them so both of you can be held accountable or if you just want to make the training more social. Multiplayer is a great way to compete against or compete against each other ignite the flow condition and keeps workouts playful and entertaining!

Do you play BOXVR? How do you build up your training? Tell us all about it in the comments below or tag us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

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