High 10 Finest VR Health Video games

Conan O’Brien plays “Space Pirate Trainer” (Teamcoco.com)

Thanks to the resurgence of virtual reality, we are all one step closer to the Matrix. While we may not always have the opportunity to say cool one-liners like Morpheus and Neo, we may be able to train like them.

“Do you think this is air you breathe?”

The Virtual Reality Institute for Health and Movement tested 24 VR experiences and made an approximate estimate of the calorie consumption for each game. They also paired games with an equivalent traditional exercise based on each game’s MET score.

This is a list for those who want to marginalize VR Fitness and may even want to pronounce the words “I know Kung Fu”.

Without further ado, here is a list of the top 10 VR fitness games based on approximate calorie consumption and overall appeal.

10. Space Pirate Trainer

4-6 cal / m equivalent of elliptical

Many games use 4-6 calories per minute, but Space Pirate Trainer makes this list the most impressive. Blast robots and dodge bullets as you try to survive horde after horde and boss after boss. At Sphere, it’s not uncommon for players to take breaks or end their session drenched in sweat. Depending on your height and weight, you can easily burn 30 to 180 calories playing Space Pirates for 30 minutes.

9. VirZOOM Arcade

4-6 cal / m equivalent of elliptical

VirZOOM Arcade is one of the cooler concepts for a mix of traditional and VR exercise. VirZOOM uses a unique exercise bike that is equipped with hand controls including triggers. In some games, the faster you pedal, the faster your horse, tank or bike will go. The triggers are used to shoot down a weapon, throw a lasso, or fly higher when riding a Pegasus. If that last sentence got you confused, here’s a video.

8. Drunken Bar Fight

4-6 cal / m equivalent of elliptical

It is official. Drinking beer burns calories. Well, maybe not a real beer …

Drunken Bar Fight is a fun, violent adventure in which we play the role of a beer-drinking psychopath who decides to fight anyone in a poor, clueless bar. While I don’t recommend this workout in real life, kicking back some dizzying beers and having fights with someone standing around is a much better workout than even the coolest elliptical trainers.

7. Gorn

4-6 cal / m equivalent of elliptical

Are you looking for more blood in your workout? Gorn is a cartoony version of Roman Gladiator Fighting. Similar to Drunken Bar Fight, the premise is simple: beat the crap out of whoever stands in front of you. Unlike Drunken Bar Fight, you can do this by ripping off the other fighter’s arm and hitting them with it. If Cartoon Gore and Caesar is your thing, this is another important fighting game.


6. Fastest fist

6-8 cal / m equivalent to tennis

Now we can start increasing the intensity. Fastest Fist is a boxing training simulator that uses a Bruce Lee look to groom you as a jab, jab, cross, uppercut! Although you won’t use nun food to light matches, you will be sure to be out of breath by the end of this workout. Try to keep up with an average of 30 to 240 calories burned in a 30-minute session.


5. Hotsquat

6-8 cal / m equivalent to tennis

While most of the games on this list are great substitutes for cardio, hotsquat is a lot more. When you’re in a traditional gym, the walls move towards you while you’re forced to squat and poke your body into holes barely big enough for a dog. To top this, you need to get up when the wall comes after the wall to finish the squat. Otherwise, the entire gym will collapse on you. One wrong crouch and you lose. Play hot squat. Your glutes will thank you / scream.

4. Knockout League

8-10 cal / m equivalent to rowing

That … is … intense …

Knockout League is a 1980s arcade-style boxing game that was modified for the HTC Vive. Think Mike Tyson’s Punch Out VR. This blocking and hitting game is sure to leave you breathless. With an average burn of 240-300 calories per 30 minute session, this is a great alternative to rowing.

3. Audio shield

8-10 cal / m equivalent to rowing

Audioshield is one of the greatest games for HTC Vive and Guitar Hero for your hands. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that you can choose any song you want from a library or YouTube. Few experiences are as haunting and calorie-burning as Audioshield.

2. Holopoint

13-15 cal / m equivalent to swimming

Holopoint is one of my favorite games. Bow and reach the arrow from behind your back and shoot targets in a Matrix style dojo. What makes this game so addicting and extreme is that every time you shoot a target it will shoot back and shoot quickly. When you come from all directions you will find yourself on the ground fighting for your survival. Unless you’re a real Katniss.

1. Thrill of the fight

15+ cal / m equivalent to sprinting

And here we are. Most high calorie VR game recorded to date. While the graphics may not be as polished as they are in the Knockout League, don’t let Thrill of the Fight fool you. This is the real-life equivalent of sprinting. Playing this for 30 minutes will burn 450 calories or more if you can! Personally, 10 minutes of Thrill of the Fight and I need a break. Adding this to your workout can keep you on your back.

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