GTA San Andreas VR Is Coming To Oculus Quest 2

Facebook and Rockstar have announced that a VR version of GTA San Andreas is coming to Oculus Quest 2.

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Not only will you soon be able to experience San Andreas anew on the new generation of consoles, but you will also enter the world in VR via Oculus Quest 2.

Rockstar has a lot of GTA irons in the fire right now. There is even an outside chance, one of which is GTA 6. The series is a cash cow for the studio, as GTA 5 has shown, which has now been sold 150 million times and the number is rising. However, the focus has shifted a bit to GTA’s past in the last few months, and it turned out that the announcements were not yet finalized in that regard.

During today’s Facebook Connect event, it was revealed that GTA San Andreas is getting the VR treatment. A virtual reality version of the legendary PS2 game is being recreated for the Oculus Quest 2 from a whole new angle and has apparently been in the works for years. No schedule has been given as to when it will arrive or how much it might cost.

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A screenshot of Carl, Ryder, Big Smoke, and Sweet in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive Edition

VR is a whole new frontier for the GTA series, and it’s interesting that San Andreas is the first game to treat Rockstar that way. The much more engaging way of playing games is getting more and more attention lately. This is thanks to Facebook’s Oculus headsets and also PlayStation’s focus on VR. PlayStation has announced that it is working on the next generation of its VR and it could hit the market in time for the 2022 holiday season.

As for GTA, despite the brief hiatus to reveal that San Andreas is getting VR treatment, everything will go ahead for the remastered trilogy over the next few weeks. The Definitive Edition will be released digitally on November 11th, followed by a physical release on December 7th. Screenshots of the games they compare to the originals were revealed last week and look pretty impressive, but not everyone is convinced.

In addition, Rockstar can look forward to the launch of the new generation of GTA 5. Almost nine years after it was first available on PS3 and Xbox 360, one of the best-selling games of all time will officially appear on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. GTA fans can look forward to a lot no matter what your games are on.

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