Get £50 off this Oculus Quest 2 elite bundle

VR is a super cool innovation in gaming and technology, and the Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best iterations out there. As such, these deals definitely seemed to be highlighted, especially as we move closer and closer to the current gift time of the year.

You can get a 128GB model Oculus Quest 2 VR Gaming Headset, Elite Strap & Carry Case Bundle for £ 347 at Currys. This is £ 50 the usual price of the package and roughly the price of the standalone suitcase. However, the Elite Strap is probably the more tempting offering with its different customizations and additional battery offerings.

The standalone Quest 2 still costs £ 299. So if you don’t care too much about the other things, you can save some money. Other versions of the bundle, such as this one without a carrying case, are also on offer, so it’s worth looking for the right one quickly.

The Oculus Quest 2 can work with your PC as well as independently. It’s a pretty neat thing to take with you when you travel and just use it anywhere you can find space. Currently, you’re limited to the Facebook store in standalone mode, but that’s about to change. What doesn’t change is the storage limits, and if you have a lot of games to take with you, 128GB can fill up quickly.

The good news is that Curry’s is also selling the 256GB model in similarly discounted bundles. You can also get £ 50 off the 256GB version of this bundle, which increases to £ 447 and others are back on sale. It’s the type of product that it is smart to consider your use case before spending the money. But a little extra storage space is never a bad idea.

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