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Some big releases for Unity developers this week, including the 2020.1 Editor version out of beta and the Bolt free asset.

Lighting was a big topic this week, as were shader and effects tutorials. But that’s not all, so dig in!

Unity 2020.1 is now available – Our first TECH stream release of the year is available starting today. Unity 2020.1 includes a variety of features and improvements that make Unity workflows even more intuitive and productive, while Unity 2019 LTS remains the recommended version for projects in production.

Develop your graphics with new demo projects and sessions from Unite Now – In this blog, we’ve rounded up Unite Now sessions, demos, projects, and other resources so you can take your graphics to the next level.

Rain effects with a sticker projector – A small decal projector could use the HDRP to turn your entire scene into a monsoon-soaked wetland. [gif tutorial]
Jamie Nooten @JamieNooten

Sprite outline – I’ve already talked about two ways to generate contours in your programs, by analyzing the depth and normals of your scene or by rendering the model twice with a hull. Both assume that we are using opaque nets that write to the depth buffer. When we’re using 2D sprites, neither approach works. The approach for this tutorial uses the alpha channel of a texture to generate 2D contours.
Ronja’s shader tutorials

Unity Shader Graph Starfield Tutorial – In this tutorial, we are going to create a fantastic looking star field shader using Unity’s Shader Graph node-based shader creation tool.
Coster graphic

Using the geometry shader to implement the model explosion effect – This article shows you how to use the Geometry Shader to turn the Stanford Armadillo model into sand.
Jiadong Chen

More holograms in Shader Graph and URP – Last time we looked at holograms with a bright Fresnel shell around the object and scan lines running vertically. In many interpretations of holographic technology, artists often add noise and other effects to make the effect appear more believable – a perfect hologram can look too good. Today we’re going to be making some changes to our hologram to remove shadows and add imperfections like distortion and noise grain.
Daniel Ilett

“Entity Prefab” Management – Entity prefabricated houses are different from the normal prefabricated houses we all know. In this post, I’ll just define them as converted prefabs, which can then be instantiated / cloned with EntityManager.Instantiate () or EntityCommandBuffer.Instantiate (). They are just represented as entity values.
Coffee brain games

C ++ For C # Developers: Part 10 – Structural Basics – Let’s continue the series today by looking at structures. These are far more powerful in C ++ than in C #. So today we start with basics like defining and initializing. Read on to get started!

Unity Addressables & SpriteAtlas: Efficient use of sprites – Do you use Unity UI or Sprite Renderer in your game? By then you may have heard of the Unity SpriteAtlas feature … With SpriteAtlas, you can reduce the number of calls to draw games when rendering UIs or sprites in Unity. Sprite atlases, however, are difficult to tame beasts that can bite your hand off.
The Gamedev Guru

Behind the game: Airborne Kingdom |  Unite now 2020
Behind the game: Airborne Kingdom | Unite now 2020 – Airborne Kingdom is a flying city builder with a unique mix of exploration game. Check out this video podcast to learn more about Unity’s creative process and tools that brought this flying world to life.

Unity 2020.1 is now available – This version of TECH offers performance and workflow updates to innovative developers. If your project is outside the prototyping phase, we recommend that you use the latest Unity LTS (Long-Term Support) version, Unity 2019 LTS.

Create your first action RPG with C # – Part 1 | Unite now 2020 – In the first session of this three-part series, we’ll walk you through the basics of using C # code to create an action role-playing game (ARPG).

Unity Tutorial – Quest Arrow Pointers – Let’s create a UI arrow pointer pointing to a place in our world.
Code monkey

Singletons are actually good (Unity3D Devlog Tutorial) – We take a look at how Sam set up his Master Singleton in his game Zarvot, and many common issues and considerations, as well as the pros and cons of his “Master Singleton” structure.
A thousand ants

Can jobs be used for complex logic? Immerse yourself in the C # job system – An insight into the C # job system from Unity 3D for a longer running, complex logic. Compared to the MonoBehaviour approach, different job types, NativeArray allocators and disposal options, Unity.Mathematics and the burst compiler are examined and why these improve performance.

Simulate Wind in URP (Shader Graph Tutorial) – In this video we are going to show you how to use Shader Graph to simulate the wind interacting with the vegetation in your scene.

Making snow with VFX Graph | Unite now 2020 – In this video, a Unity Certified Instructor takes you through a series of mini-challenges to create snow-like effects using the Visual Effect Graph.

Custom text effects in Unity with TextMeshPro in just 130 seconds! – In this video I will quickly show you how to use the TextMeshPro module to create fancy text effects in Unity!
Kemble software

How I light my scenes in Unity 2020! | Tutorial (beginner friendly) – In this video I am fulfilling my promise from last week to cover Realistic Lighting in Unity 2020 / 2019.4 with HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline) for environment design, environment art and level design!

Using light with URP and GPU Lightmapper | Unite now 2020 – In this video you will learn how lights and shadows work in the Universal Render Pipeline and how to set up a scenario with a mixture of real-time shadows, light probes and baked GI.

Real-time lighting for films in unity – A lighting tutorial.

VR for beginners with Unity – Hello and welcome! Today we begin our journey of exploring VR evolution with Unity. In this video we give a brief overview of the project and take a look at the current VR plugin landscape.
VR with Andrew

HUMBLE GAME CREATOR BUNDLE – Create your own games with our newest bundle! Get software like 001 Game Creator, Pixelmash, Omega Modern Graphics Pack, Train Stations Game Assets, and Dragon’s Den Resource Pack. Plus, your purchase supports Extra Life, Child’s Play, and JDRF! $ 769 VALUE FROM AWESOME STAFF PAY $ 1 OR MORE
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Screw (FREE) – Bolt brings complete visual scripts to Unity, enabling artists, designers, and programmers to create game mechanics and interactive systems without writing a single line of code.
[Unity has released this popular asset for free. Read the blog post. Also check out Ashley Alicea’s Bolt Visual Scripting Samples [repo on gitub]](
unit Affiliate

Power tools mega bundles – With this powerful, curated set of high quality tools and extensions, users can save up to 90% through July 31st.

$ 9.99 Bundle – Save Up to 85%
This bundle contains: Rainbow Folders 2, Tail Animator and Editor Console Pro.

$ 29.99 Bundle – Save Up to 88%
This bundle includes everything from the $ 9.99 package plus Dynamic Bone, Nice Vibrations | Haptic feedback for Mobile & Gamepads, Lean Touch +, Obi Rope, Path Painter ™ and The Vegetation Engine.

$ 59.99 Bundle – Save Up To 90%
This bundle contains everything from the bundles for USD 9.99 and USD 29.99 as well as DoozyUI: Complete UI management system, painting in 3D, TerraWorld – Automated Level Designer, MicroSplat – Terrain Collection, EnhancedScroller, dialog system for Unity and Poly Few | Mesh Simplifier and Auto LOD Generator.
unit Affiliate

Time Tracker (FREE) – Time Tracker is an editor extension that automatically logs the time you have spent on a project. For this purpose, certain events are considered, e.g. E.g. importing assets, entering the editor, closing the editor …
PartTimeIndie Affiliate

Automatic test – Autotest is a cross-platform Unity module that runs scripts in your application to run automatic tests. This module is basically an embedded HTTP server waiting for an execute request to run the scripts found in its body. With all of the pre-installed functions, it is perfect for testing flows as loading, UI or state machines. This module is also highly extensible for your custom needs.
MaxiPaille Open Source

Cell phone ads 2019 – A demo project in which all supported advertisers are already integrated and working. All you need to do is import mobile ads from the Asset Store into this project.
Gleygames open source

Hand drawn lines – Give your shader contours a natural waveform – breakdown in the comments, code below. Thanks again to @alexanderameye for the fantastic base shader
Chrisloop open source

Adeona – A 2D action RPG adventure.

Adeona is a role playing game developed by Box Attack Studios. Our game pays homage to the 16-bit era and tells a story of tribalism and ignorance in a post-apocalyptic world. You play as Amber, a young orphan looking to save her brother from the gods of Arcadia. Embark on an adventure of corruption and betrayal created by Drew Bushnell.

Fight your way to the gods in a retro RPG adventure. Can you survive a series of dungeons, hordes of minions, and bubble bosses? Amber is armed with slasher style sword attacks, arrows, bombs and a shot to solve the puzzles of Adeona. Explore and uncover the rich history of Arkadia in classic 2D action.

[Download now on and read more on their devlog]
Box Attack Studios

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