Finest Puzzle VR Video games For The Oculus Quest 2

Virtual reality is an amazing new way of experiencing games in their most unique form. From shooters to action, all kinds of games seem to fit the use-case of VR and are super fun to play. That being said, who knew that the genre of Puzzle would work so well too? When it comes to VR or Meta Quest 2, various interesting games out there revolve around solving problems. Let’s take a look at the best of these games that one can play and feel like Sherlock while doing so. RELATED: Best Open-World Games That Support VR

10 A Fisherman’s Tale

VR_0009_A Fisherman's Tale

When it comes to puzzle games on Quest 2, A Fisherman’s Tale is right up there with the best ones. This game was developed by Innerspace VR and came out in 2019 for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Meta Quest. In the game, players control a fisherman in a location that more closely resembles a side shore with a lighthouse, boats, and other things. While the game is set in a magically recursive and repetitive world, its gameplay sets it apart from other games on the list. Anyone who decides to pick this one up will certainly have a great time.


9 cubism


Cubism is another one of those games that may look simple from its representation but are extremely challenging as the player progresses. The game’s goal is simple, take the complex shapes and turn them into a proper form. Not only is this game fun, but it is also extremely therapeutic due to its zen-like vibe and music. The developer of this game is Thomas Van Bouwel, who has single-handedly crafted one of the best experiences on VR. Currently, Cubism is available on Microsoft Windows and Meta Quest 2.

8th Floor plan 2

VR_0005_Floor plan 2

The colorful Pixar movies-like characters of Floor Plan 2 are enough to make anyone try it out. But if some of you are still skeptical, here’s why this game rocks. This indie title is a comedy adventure game similar to escape rooms. The goal is simple, roam around in the environments, figure out a way to progress, and help retrieve a lost treasure. In the game, players will have to do all kinds of things like grabbing stuff, using items, and figuring out how to proceed. The best part about this game is its unique environment, which keeps things funny and enjoyable.

7 puzzle places

VR_0002_Puzzle Places

Similar to Cubism, Puzzling Places is an extremely wholesome and relaxing game. Although, unlike Cubism, it does not expect players to play with cubes. Instead, Puzzling Places is about jigsaw puzzles made out of unique miniature locations. These areas include The Upper Vestibule, The Stables, The Billiards Room, The Drawing Room, Biarritz Lighthouse, Coast of Basques, Kushi Yaki Restaurant, Le Mont Saint Michel, and much more. RELATED: Great VR Games That Are Relaxing To Play

There’s also an Armenia Pack, including zen-like places like temples and monasteries. The fact that these miniatures are extremely realistic makes the game super intriguing to play and gives players a look at the amazing art of architecture.

6 A Rogue Escape

VR_0008_A Rogue Escape

While there have been various escape games in the market, A Rogue Escape is something different. First, the basic idea for this game remains the same. Players have to find a way out by solving interesting puzzles in a given environment to proceed to the next level. However, the main difference here is in the atmosphere and details. This game is tactical, story-driven, and well crafted, making it a lot more coherent than other games. A Rogue Escape doesn’t give players random situations or puzzles. Instead, it’s one big effort to escape the planet.

5 Tetris effect

VR_0001_Tetris Effect

Who can forget this simple yet tried and tested idea? Tetris first came out in 1984, where the basic idea was to match the tiles and score high. Tetris Effect works on the same idea, except it is much more advanced and works like wonder in virtual reality. Like other games, Tetris has a very therapeutic environment and music. It wants the players to feel relaxed as they try to match tiles and score. Apart from being a single player, Tetris Effect has a good multiplayer and a local co-op, which works perfectly. At the moment, Tetris Effect holds an “Overwhelmingly Positive” review score on Steam.

4 I Expect You To Die 2

VR_0004_I Expect You To Die 2

I Expect You To Die is a YouTube classic, as various content creators worldwide have played it for their audience. Why? It’s a compelling, funny, straightforward game with a Bond-inspired setting. RELATED: The Best Free Virtual Reality Games Of 2022

The second game in the series takes everything to the next level, motivating players to take on ridiculous missions and solve the mystery. In the game, players will have to use their power of telekinesis to complete different situations that are full of danger. The only thing players will have to remember is not to die.

3 The Room VR: A Dark Matter

VR_0000_The Room VR A Dark Matter

With “Overwhelmingly Positive” reviews across the board, The Room VR: A Dark Matter is just the perfect puzzle game for video game enthusiasts. This game is a mystery adventure title that appeared in 2020 on various platforms. One such platform is Meta Quest 2, where the game seamlessly works standalone. With only a 2.5 GB install size, The Room VR: A Dark Matter offers a gameplay that’s full of details and a mystery that started in 1908. It is easily one of the most enjoyable and impressive puzzle games on VR.

2 myst


Myst is a highly atmospheric video game that came out in 2021. This game looks like a walking simulator from the cover, which is somewhat spot-on due to its setting. But apart from exploration, Myst offers a big adventure full of puzzles and stories. The best word to describe this game is surreal, as it feels magical yet true-to-life. Moreover, apart from working on Quest 2, players can enjoy this on a normal PC, as it works both ways. Although, VR has to be the most definite way to enjoy this puzzle title.

1 Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

VR_0007_Angry Birds VR Isle of Pigs

Lastly, there is the Angry Birds VR, which is a great blend of comedy and puzzles. The game’s formula is simple, use the birds and take out pigs and their constructions. In the game, players will enjoy shooting the birds of a slingshot and seeing the oink towers crumbles in front of them. Isle of Pigs also has an AR counterpart that is extremely fun to play. Although, the best version of the game is the VR one, as it feels great in terms of controls. MORE: Best VR Horror Games For The Oculus Quest 2

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