Fb pronounces fitness-focused Lively Pack for Oculus Quest 2

Facebook announced the Active Pack, a fitness accessory for the Oculus Quest 2 that aims to help transform the VR headset into a fitness machine.

The Active Pack contains a set of handles to prevent the touch controllers from flying out of your hands when, for example, you are doing boxing training in Supernatural. There’s also an easy-to-clean face pad, so you don’t have to stick your regular foam pad on when using your Quest 2 for both exercise and entertainment.

According to Facebook, the Active Pack will be delivered “next year”. While Facebook is clearly making it for those who turn to VR for their workouts during the pandemic, it’s also easy to imagine that this could be popular with businesses and gyms once shared VR headsets become acceptable and safe again.

If a gym had in-person VR classes or a museum offered a VR experience, I would feel much better knowing that the surfaces that touch my hands and face are easy to clean.

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