Fb launches digital workplace app Horizon Workrooms for Oculus Quest 2

Facebook announced a new free virtual reality office collaboration app called Horizon Workrooms for the Oculus Quest 2 on Thursday.

The new app is currently in open beta, according to the Oculus blog. It provides a virtual meeting room modeled on a business space so that employees can meet face-to-face without being physically in the same room. The room offers an infinite whiteboard to write on with the Quest 2 controller, which can be customized based on basic conversations or presentations and scaled based on group size.

You will either join your meetings with your Quest 2 headset as a personalized avatar – updated earlier this year – or through a video call on your computer. Horizon Workrooms supports up to 16 people in VR for a total of 50 people, including those participating in video calls. The app also uses the headset’s spatial audio to hear people as if they were sitting in front of or next to you.

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Horizon Workrooms can also include your entire computer in the app when it is paired with the Oculus Remote Desktop Companion app for Mac and Windows. This is a great way to take notes and share files in VR. Each room comes with a website link that you can use to take notes or other items during meetings. You can also sync the meetings with Outlook or Google Calendar to make it easier to send invitations.

For more information on setting up Horizon workrooms, see the announcement. Here are the best VR accessories for Oculus Quest 2 in 2021 to help you get through those virtual meetings in comfort.

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