Fb delays Oculus Quest 2 120Hz VR headset assist

Just last week, Facebook announced that, to the delight of users, its VR development team would be providing 120Hz support for the company’s Oculus Quest 2 120Hz VR headset. However, Facebook has already postponed the launch and stated that it will no longer arrive in the first quarter of 2021, as announced last week.

As of this writing, Facebook has not given a reason for the delay, but the elements team working on the implementation has suggested that the rollout be postponed a few months after the original date. Last week, Facebook’s John Carmack stated that “few” existing games would be able to add the feature that will appear as an experimental element first. Jamie Feltham of the Upload VR website explains a little more about the benefits of a 120Hz refresh rate for VR headsets.

“Higher frame rates make VR experiences appear smoother and more realistic, with 90 Hz generally considered as the basis. But of course, faster rates also place higher demands on the hardware. 120Hz is a tough target even on PCs, and the only way the PSVR headset can achieve it is by re-projecting games that are actually running at 60Hz. So we would expect to only see services like the Oculus Browser, and maybe a few simple experiences reach this high bar on Quest 2. “

Source: Upload VR

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