Faucet Into Adrenaline With VR and Health

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Adrenaline. It’s the rush we get when we’re on a roller coaster and the burst of energy we need to run away from a bear (flight) or a really good sale. It is the thrill that drives us above fatigue when lifting and helps us to KO (fight) our opponents.

This increase in inner strength can be used to give players an edge in terms of VR and fitness. How do we unlock it? The TL; DR answer: VR and fitness. The more thorough answer: read on.

Connect with adrenaline for fitness and unlock health

Our friend (and sometimes enemy) adrenaline is something that our kidneys produce and that sends signals to our bodies and brains. This hormone floods our system with oxygen and increases blood flow, which means that our body has to double its physical performance.

Once our muscles, heart and lungs get that adrenaline The (norepinephrine / norepinephrine) signal also activates signals to the brain to release endorphins and dopamine. The following Gizmodo article breaks down the body’s response to adrenaline.

In summary, endorphins relieve pain, norepinephrine fills us with energy and triggers high levels of dopamine AKA. To get our adrenaline pumping, we don’t have to look for a bear, we just have to exist.

As the day progresses, we fill ourselves with adrenaline from defensive driving (honking), being part of a car pool (sighing), or by being in the know (do the paper). It is initially unhealthy to allow these hormones to collect and fester. Second, stressful states arise which can poison our bodies with weight gain, lack of sleep, clogged arteries, and other health problems.

This is a great Life Noggin video to watch if you want to learn more about the nuances of adrenaline.

Tap adrenaline with VR

What we do with this excess energy and stress is important to our health and wellbeing. What do we do with it? Some of us sit on our butts all day and let it collect there until we become tightly coiled stress balls with health issues. The rest of us burn it up with movement and VR.

Some of us are natural adrenaline junkies. Of course, others need a boost to get the fire going. Everyone has to start somewhere and VR is the perfect tool to start the chain reaction of adrenaline and fitness. VR was confirmed Increase exercise performance and relieve pain! Use this new knowledge for your health and fitness.

VR to trigger and burn off the adrenaline rush with fitness:

Zombie games

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The sound of hordes of bloodthirsty undead is enough to make our skin crawl. But if you fight, shoot, stab, and maim these meaty beasts before they chase you, adrenaline will shoot through your veins. The blood and beasts aren’t real, but they’re a hell of a workout.

We recommend playing: Arizona Sunshine, Dracula: Vampires vs. Zombies, Killing Floor: Incursion, Zombie Training Simulator.

Boxing games

Credit To: Grab Games

Become a Hollywood movie award contender, let a coach curate you, or battle other real players from around the world. VR doesn’t have to go to a boxing hall or a fight club, it has tons of games to get rid of anger and adrenaline.

We recommend playing: Virtual Fighting Championship, Creed: Rise to Fame, BOXVR, Virtual Boxing League, Fight Sparring VR, Knockout League, Mech League Boxing, Thrill of Fighting.

PvP and multiplayer games

Credit To: Survios

PvPs are popular in eSports tournaments like the VR League or the Virtual Athletics League. VR is a real pulsating workout where players compete against each other. For some, performance and winning are more of a motivator than going to the gym. Make friends and replace adrenaline with fitness with these games.

We recommend playing: Echo VR (formerly Echo Arena), Sprint-Vektor, AFTER-H, Weiter, The Unspoken, Beat Saber, BOXVR, Virtual Boxing League, Creed: Rise to Fame, Virtual Combat Championship.

Rhythm and dance games

Credit To: Beat Games

Music and dance are known to open the brain’s door for adrenaline and raise the mood. Our brains are hardwired for music and dance. Let your body take a breather to kill zombies, strike a storm, and compete with rhythm and music games.

We recommend playing: Hit Saber, Dance Collider, Rave Runner, Soundboxing, Holodance, BOXVR.

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