Extra Attainable Oculus Quest 2 Photographs Arrive, Showing to Corroborate Earlier Leak – VRFocus

The Oculus Quest may only be a little over a year old, but the internet has been in a mess this week for possible follow-up that was originally image-powered. Today even more have come in from various sources, both rendered and actual photos, which apparently confirms that the headset is indeed real.

Once again, Twitter tech leaker WalkingCat has released some new renders showing the lens and the right side of the headset. These clearly show that there is definitely no manual IPD slider (interpupillary distance) on the underside, the outer housing is now made of pure plastic and the audio is integrated into the side of the headband.

However, a rendered image is not a confirmation of an actual Oculus Quest 2. Far more intriguing are the four actual images that have appeared on Reddit that definitely make all the leaks this week believable.

As you can see, the images and renderings go well together, with the images giving a much better look at the back strap. While the top is definitely a similar adjustable Velcro system as used in many VR headsets, the sides are a bit more puzzling. They look almost elastic when they’re all tied together.

It looks like an Oculus Quest and an Oculus Go were combined, which could well mean this is more of an Oculus Quest S than a whole new headset. And there is still the question of weight distribution and its effect on comfort. Was this device light enough to improve that factor?

There’s a better look at the Oculus Touch controller too. The face is now circular and therefore wider. The seam of the battery compartment is now central and harks back to the original Oculus Touch design of the Oculus Rift CV1.

As the evidence builds, it looks a lot like Facebook’s new VR headset, although you don’t expect any news until September. With that in mind, WalkingCat also mentioned a date, September 15th, which would be related to the expected time of Oculus Connect 7 (OC7). Announcement date or start date? As soon as further details are published, VRFocus I’ll let you know.

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