Easy methods to Join The Oculus Quest 2 to PC

There are two ways to connect the Oculus Quest 2 to a PC. Players can connect using an Oculus Link cable or Air Link for the Oculus Quest 2.

Players can use their Oculus Quest 2 with your PC via a wired or wireless connection. Both options allow players to access games that are available on PC but not included in the Oculus Quest 2 store application. By connecting the Quest 2 to a PC, gamers can access the full Rift library, which contains some of the best VR games to play.

For those who want to use a hardwired connection, the Oculus Link can be purchased. Players can purchase this interconnect cable for $ 79 on the official website. The Oculus Link is a cable that has been optimized for making and maintaining the connection between a Quest 2 and a PC. However, gamers who don’t want to spend money on the wired connection can simply use the Air Link feature on their PC and Quest 2 to access and download more games.


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Players will need a Windows PC to use the Air Link feature on the Quest 2. Unfortunately, the Mac doesn’t support the Quest 2 Link app, which is required for both wired and wireless connections. Players can visit the Oculus website and download the Link software by going to the “Setup” tab and clicking “Download Quest 2 PC App” under the “Air Link and Link Cable” heading. Once the download is complete, the headset can be connected to a PC.

Use a wireless PC connection with the Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 Connect to PC Air Link feature on Quest 2

With the Quest 2 Link app, players can experience new games for the Oculus Quest 2. After opening the PC app, players should go to their settings, open the beta tab and click next to the Air Link option. This will make the player’s PC available for pairing as soon as the Air Link function is set up on the Quest 2. On the Quest 2 headset, players will need to go to their Settings, select the Experimental Features tab, and scroll down to the Air Link option. Players can click the button next to this option to enable Air Link.

If the Air Link option is enabled for both the PC and the Quest 2 headset, the two devices can be paired. While using the headset, gamers can find their PC in the list of available devices and select the “Pair” option. A code will appear on Quest 2 and players will need to remove the headset to make sure it is the same code that is displayed on their PC. Players can confirm the code in the PC app, then return to their headset and select “Start” to complete the Air Link connection setup.

Players using the Air Link feature can also adjust their bit rate as needed. To do this, go to the Air Link control panel and select either dynamic or static bit rate, then adjust the slider. To turn Air Link off, players just need to go to the same tabs they used to turn it on and disable Air Link by clicking the slider next to that option. Whether players use the Air Link wireless connection or the Oculus Link cable, they can access the full Rift game library by connecting their Quest 2 to their PC.

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Oculus Quest 2 is now available.

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