Cybershoes pronounces integration with a number of new Oculus Quest 2 VR video games, and Amazon Europe availability

Attached to your feet and connected to your HMD via bluetooth, Cybershoes for Quest is a cool accessory that you can use to walk or run through VR games. When I tested the product in March, the selection of titles with native support was rather limited.

Today the company announces integration with a number of other Oculus VR games, including Until You Fall, Contractors, Grapple Tournament, and Larcenauts.

Grapple Tournament, an action-packed vertical combat shooter, is currently available on Rift, Steam, and App Lab and will include full integration of Cybershoes when the title hits Oculus Quest anytime soon.

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The shoes have been available on Amazon US for a while, but the company also announces today that they are now available on Amazon in Europe.

“Cybershoes have been incredibly successful at Amazon in America, so we’re overjoyed that they are arriving across the pond in Europe for our fans!” said Michael Bieglmayer, CEO of Cybershoes.

Cybershoes are now available on Amazon in the following countries:

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