Cybershoes are an excellent Oculus Quest 2 accent – disgrace not sufficient VR video games help it

Oculus Quest 2 owners can enjoy a new level of immersion thanks to the Cybershoes peripherals, which are now supported by four new games. With Until You Fall, Tomorrow Games’ Contractors VR, Grapple Tournament has now been added to the list, meaning 13 VR games will now work with the $ 349 / £ 349 peripheral.

The Cybershoes package on Amazon includes a 360-degree swivel chair and two Cybershoes – devices that you strap onto your feet over your sneakers. After connecting them to your headset via bluetooth, you can use the roles of cybershoes to simulate walking in VR – your movement is then translated into the game for your digital avatar to imitate you.

Users have said the experience is great – and can help players enjoy immersive, smooth movement without feeling motion sick – but at the moment the Oculus Quest 2 is still a little lacking in support for the shoes. We hope that more developers will implement support soon, otherwise Cybershoes owners may be a little disappointed with their purchase.

Opinion: The Chicken and the Cyber ​​Egg

The cybershoes for Oculus Quest look amazing and are exactly the tool I was looking for that would improve my VR experience. We’ve played a lot of Resident Evil 4 VR lately – and love every second – and the prospect of actually being able to walk around with our own movement is enticing.

But even with the Cybershoes that wouldn’t be possible, since Resident Evil 4 is not one of the 13 games currently supported by the add-on.

We can’t really imagine that many other Quest 2 players are willing to pay on the periphery as well. I can definitely see the appeal for PC VR gamers as it supports over 70 games – including blockbusters like No Man’s Sky, Half-Life Alyx, and Doom VFR to name a few – which means they definitely get plenty of use out of it would pull.

Oculus Quest lacks support a lot more – and that’s not the only problem that could make Oculus Quest players stay away from the cybershoes.

Oculus Quest 2

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The Oculus Quest 2 offers a relatively affordable VR experience for what you get at $ 299 / £ 299 / A $ 479. But the cybershoes require you to spend the same (and even more) on a peripheral that cannot be used in most games right now.

This is slowly starting to create a chicken-and-egg scenario. If the cybershoes aren’t very popular, developers may not want to spend time incorporating them into their games. The players then no longer want to pick up the shoes because there is no support, and the cycle continues.

With PC VR gamers, support isn’t that important, and the price tag may be easier to swallow, too. Given that users will likely have to spend around $ 1,000 / $ 1,000 or more on their setup, adding a peripheral for $ 349 / $ 349 doesn’t seem so ridiculous.

The Cybershoes – the current model that was only released in May – are still in their infancy, so we can’t make a final judgment on them yet, but we hope that support for them grows soon on the Oculus Quest. Otherwise, this could be just another gaming peripheral that is best left on the store shelf.

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