Coolest Factor Ever or Health Revolution?

When former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch was asked about his secret of keeping his body toned, he always pointed out his passion for swimming. Athletes around the world rely on swimming to keep them in tip top shape. However, swimming lap at a time in the pool gets pretty boring at some point.

Underwater VR is ready to transform the VR experience. It won’t be long before VR headset wearers can explore deep space, coral reefs, schools of fish and underwater shipwrecks from their pool or any other body of water. The experience is enhanced by the addition of audio passed through the headset. This technology will inspire users to swim long distances to explore new worlds. As a result, underwater VR could prove to be a tipping point for virtual reality as it promotes physical fitness while satisfying natural amazement.

Enter underwater virtual reality.

The making of underwater VR

With a waterproof headset it is now possible to experience weightlessness in virtual reality. Immersive virtual underwater reality is ready to transform the VR experience as well as physical fitness. Take a moment to imagine what it would be like to float through space and look at Orion’s Belt without fear in the world. You might want to swim through an underwater shipwreck in the Cayman Islands. These weightless experiences are now possible thanks to the newly developed VR glasses for underwater use.

The technology behind underwater VR

The groundbreaking device is the brainchild of Allen Evans, co-founder of headset company Avegant, and Stephen Greenwood, creative development director at Discovery Digital Networks. The project started as a fun experiment and soon turned into a legitimate device powered by a waterproof Android phone connected to a three-dimensional printed plastic block with biconvex lenses. This box is internally secured with a traditional snorkel mask by extremely strong black tape. The tape prevents outside light from entering the headset.

The virtual reality experience is made even more intense with the addition of audio delivered via a special Finis MP3 player that works when exposed to water. It uses bone conduction to produce crystal clear audio. The end result is a mesmerizing isolated experience that uses the freedom of mobility of water to create a range of weightless environments.

Why Underwater VR will be a huge hit

Almost everyone wants to explore the depths of the sea and soar through space. However, most people do not have the money or the bowel strength to do such activities. Underwater VR makes these adventures possible in a completely safe way at an affordable price. The beauty of this technology is that the user really believes that they are in a completely weightless and realistic environment. There is no sense of the ground or the pressure of gravity. The cardinal points are also not recognizable. This is a truly believable experience that will come in handy in a wide variety of settings.

Look for underwater VR that goes beyond entertainment. It will likely be used in physical therapy sessions, for fitness purposes, and simulated dives. Those interested in becoming PADI licensed divers will find underwater VR particularly enlightening.

This is the perfect fitness machine for anyone looking for a dynamic workout experience that goes beyond swimming monotonous laps. Put on an underwater VR headset and you can explore space and the underwater environment with a customized soundtrack. The immersive quality of this experience will set it apart from traditional swimming and will motivate countless people to immerse themselves in expansive VR swimming pools through virtual environments.

The end result of underwater VR will be fulfilled participants with toned bodies who keep coming back to learn more. Some will even choose to hang in their pool while occasionally contorting their bodies to see space and water attractions above, below, and to the sides. Even those who choose to float so idly will at some point be intrigued by swimming through the virtual environment to discover what lies ahead. The urge to explore is exactly what keeps underwater VR users in shape and coming back for more. This amazing new creation is truly the perfect synthesis of entertainment and physical fitness.

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