Bonelab VR-sandbox earns $1M in first hour on Oculus Quest 2

In the annual Connect Developers Conference this week, Meta revealed that ‘Local Zero’ game Bonelab (2022) costed its first $1 million in revenue less than an hour fastest after the launch, making the selling tool in Quests history.

In the Meta Quest store, Bonelab has already received 8,000 reviews, meaning it can gain a user average. 5 stars. Bonelab launched on PC with VR headsets, and received a Mostly Favorable rating from over 6,000 players on Steam.

Ramen VR earned the $1 million Quebec Dollar mark in just 24 hours for its MMORPG Zenith: The Last City.

All this comes with the addition of ‘Smart & Smart by WarpFrog’: Nomad, the Quest 2 port of its PC VR game, made its first $1 million in two days.

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