Blended Actuality involves Oculus Quest 2! | The Digital

While Oculus understandably focused on more consumer-friendly additions in its latest software update, v31 – namely, multiplayer management and the way it handles passwords – something else caught our attention: mixed reality with passthrough.

We have long dreamed of an HMD that is suitable for both VR and MR / AR. Could Oculus Quest 2, combined with its consumer-friendly price point, be the only headset that does them all?

We may be a little dated with the production version of the passthrough API targeted later this year, but this experimental addition gives developers the ability to develop and test apps that seamlessly merge the real and virtual worlds and create new ones Open up opportunities for mixed reality experiences in the moment.

Aside from its gaming potential, Oculus also suggests use cases for productivity and social engagement – hanging out with your friends in a mixed real and virtual experience.

Please see this blog post for more details.

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