Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 bundles 2022: what to anticipate

Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 deals offered some of the most exciting savings of the year in November, but what can we expect for 2022’s deals? Again this year, we expect discounts to hit bundles the hardest. However, considering the headset will be around for another year until the start of the 2022 Black Friday gaming deals, it’s possible that the Oculus Quest 2 deals could finally offer some cash for the headset. That’s a very optimistic proposition – this is already a budget headset at $299. However, if you save some cash on that base price this year, it’s likely that Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 deals will be the cause.

However, if you’re looking for a more reliable way to save, you’d better pack a few accessories with your headset. Last year, retailers in the US and UK offered $50/£50 gift cards with every purchase. At the very least, we expect the same offering to be repeated in 2022.

As it stands today, the Starter bundle offers a headset with a carrying case for $348, the Streamer bundle includes a cable for use with your PC for $378, and the Pro bundle includes a carrying case and an Elite Strap for $397.

Of course, these are just the official bundles. In particular, we’ve seen retailers like Best Buy and Walmart offering additional controllers, comfort grips, carrying cases, headphones and wrist straps at a discounted price, and this is where we’ll likely see the biggest savings. Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 deals will favor those who want to get all the goodies from day one, with the highest value packages ranging from $399 to $499.

Of course, it’s also likely that we’ll see individual savings on those accessories themselves. So if you’ve already managed to snag a headset, or are happy to pay full price yourself on Black Friday, you might also find savings on the Elite Strap, replacement controllers or headsets designed specifically for the system – like the Logitech G333.

Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 Deals: Frequently Asked Questions

When do the Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 deals start?

The Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 deals officially begin on November 25, 2022. However, last year we saw that the all-important $50/£50 gift card was already available on the Sunday leading up to Thanksgiving week. We therefore recommend keeping a close eye on the offers from November 18th.

Where are the best Black Friday Oculus Quest deals?

offers official bundles throughout the year
Best Buy:
wide range of accessories and often includes free gifts
B&H photo:
often one of the first to offer rare price drops
New egg:
big savings on renewed models and accessories
Get in early to get official price cuts
Receive it same day with store pickup
could offer bundle deals for accessories

United Kingdom
sometimes offers discounts on bundles
previously had excellent deals on Go models
best for accessory packs with regular discounts
John Lewis:
Two-year guarantee included
Go straight to the source for early discounts
regular inventory and often price adjustments during sales

The best Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 deals of the last year

Black Friday featured some excellent Oculus Quest 2 deals in both the US and UK – from $50 gift cards with your purchase to additional accessories in bundle form. Many of these offers have now expired, but you can check out the available discounts below.

Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 deals in the US

Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 Deals in UK

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