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Fitness studios, cyclists, active people and even physical therapists should aim for Fit Immersion. cycle Indiegogo Page to fund the VR-compatible indoor bike training system. You have set yourself a flexible goal € 10,000 or about $ 12,345 and have 23 days to get there, to bring your wireless headsets and sensors home and other businesses.

What is Fit Immersion?

Fit immersion has a wireless VR headset and a corresponding speed sensor that is placed on the pedal of all exercise bikes, cross trainers and indoor cycling turbo trainers. You don’t have to spend time fiddling with external tracking sensors, the pedal sensor is small, easily attaches to machines, and is tracked by the headset.

Begin your workout, training session, or smoothly ride a 360 degree path or road to stay active and ready to drive. Exercise longer without worrying about getting sunburned, raining or snowing, or falling off your bike. Fit Immersion takes in outdoor environments and brings them to the gym or home with immersive VR.

Watch Fit Immersion Show Off In A Gym Below!

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Gym and home workouts

Virtual reality has proven to be a quick way to pass the time Time dilation and is proven to reduce pain during exercise. It can turn a monotonous workout into something fit enthusiasts and cycling fans will love to do again.

VR is a huge draw for gyms and businesses looking to jump on the Pro Edition and order it in bulk. As the best 2K headset for gyms and other businesses, the 2 hour battery life ensures that customers use it in rotation, while the anti-theft device securely stows your headsets when not in use.

Your Premium Edition is ideal for home use and has a battery life of two hours, so you can do an intense spin session or use it for daily training. The headset is not tethered, doesn’t take up much space in a room that already has exercise equipment, and has the same features as the Pro Edition, except without the anti-theft device.

Fit Immersion’s Lite Edition is their mobile solution (similar to Gear VR) for people looking for a cheaper headset and sensor option. All you have to do is your headset and speed sensor, a compatible Android phone, your app (iOS app expected before the end of 2018) and you’re good to go. For the mobile headset you need an Android smartphone with a screen between 4 ½ and 6 inches, a 64 GB microSD card or a USB stick (USB OTG connection), a resolution of at least 1920 × 1080 and Bluetooth LE or ANT + connectivity.

The financing helps

Funding from Fit Immersion will help them achieve their goal of creating a trainer and client app for gyms and trainers that they can use alongside their workouts. Your app gives you the ability to choose the type of workout and virtual fitness experience you want to have that day. This can help increase gym membership and keep coaches and their clients focused with performance reports.

It will also help certify the built-in heart rate sensor that they are looking to add to the existing technology. This could help cyclists and gym goers get accurate heart rate readings that could help them stay in an optimal range to promote exercise, fat burning, and weight loss. Heart rate measurements can also potentially signal clients or coaches that the heart rate is well above the normal range.

You also want to crowdsourcing to fund the creation of higher quality VR content or more impressive and impressive 360-degree places and landscapes. Cameras aren’t cheap, so funding would help them buy a good one Insta360 Pro 8K camera.

In addition, there is a promise of a 1 year guarantee on your system once you are funded. This is a fair time window as cyclists and active people alike want to sweat! If something goes wrong with VR technology within a year, even with the moisture-wicking face padding or the sports belt, you are covered.

Funding area

The funding range for Fit Immersions Indiegogo ranges from € 15 or around $ 18 up to € 2160 or around $ 2,666 with various support services.

When can I expect my arrival?

The VR bike sensor and the headset are aiming for a delivery date to their supporters in September 2018. You can visit her when she is at the Laval Virtual Fair in France for April this year.

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