arrange cellphone notifications on the Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 phone notificationsSource: Michael Hicks / Android Central

Virtual Reality is all about immersion, but the last thing you want is to miss out on important texts or emails because you’ve been playing Beat Saber for too long. Oculus added the option to receive Android or iOS phone notifications on the Oculus Quest 2, but you need to enable the setting. How to turn it on, customize what notifications come in, and manage what data Meta collects.

How to set up phone notifications on Quest 2

  1. Open the Oculus app on your phone. These instructions work for both Android phones and iPhones.
  2. Tap the equipment Icon in the lower navigation menu.
  3. To turn on your Quest 2 and make sure it shows up as Connected on your phone in the app.
  4. Under Headset settings, Select Phone notifications.

    Quest 2 phone notifications

    Quest 2 phone notificationsQuest 2 phone notificationsSource: Android Central

  5. Select in the following menu Continue. You will get one Bluetooth pairing request.
  6. Put on your headset and make sure that the 6-digit code Matches, then choose Pair.
  7. Allow the Quest 2 to view your notifications.

    Quest 2 phone notifications

    Quest 2 phone notificationsQuest 2 phone notificationsSource: Android Central

You should now a. see Phone notifications in VR toggle, which you can activate or deactivate at any time. You will also see notification settings that you can adjust on your phone or in the headset.

Note that you will only see phone notifications if you have notifications enabled on your device. Oculus says that “You won’t see notifications for apps where you’ve turned off lock screen notifications, notification previews, or all notifications.”

Fortunately, these notifications are specific to each user. If you set up multiple Quest 2 accounts, each user will only see their own notifications.

How to customize phone notification settings on Quest 2

Just because you want to see phone notifications on the Quest 2 doesn’t mean you want to every Notification. Most likely, you just want the most important ones leaked. Unfortunately, if you get your settings right, you’ll have to block the wrong app notifications one at a time.

You can adjust your settings either on your phone or in the Quest 2 settings. On your phone, open the Eyes app, choose Devices tab, and choose Phone notifications. Or select in the main menu of Quest 2 Quick settings of the Universal menu (also known as the quick menu that appears when you press the Oculus button on your controller). Choose from the full menu ideas top right. Then choose the Notification settings Tile.

Regardless of the device, three categories are displayed: announcements, Calls, and Other uses. For each category you can click them Always appear, only appear while in Oculus home page outside of apps or around never to appear.

For “Other Applications” you can change the notification settings for each app individually, which is very useful. Unfortunately, you can only change these settings after You will receive a notification from each app while you are using the headset. You can then turn off the more intrusive or unnecessary notifications one at a time.

What data does Meta collect from Quest 2 phone notifications?

If you are concerned that connecting your phone to your Quest 2 will give Meta access to all of your data, rest assured that it will not. This Oculus support page explains that Quest 2 stores the content, title, date and time, app name and app icon of a notification. However, this data is only temporarily stored on the headset and “automatically deleted when you switch off or restart your headset at the end of a session”.

The only data Meta collects, according to him, is “how many users have phone notification enabled and where users prefer to see their phone notifications in VR.”

Get away from your phone (but not too far)

Neither of us can shirk our daily responsibilities, so we appreciate that Meta added phone notifications to Quest 2 in the November 2021 update. But aside from the few new Quest 2D apps, most calls and notifications require you to take off your headset and pick up your phone to answer.

Because of this, you may want to have most of the notifications turned off or only shown on the home screen. The joy of playing the best Quest 2 games loses track of time when immersed in fantastic or spooky worlds. The last thing you want is to ruin this with a tweet or slack notification every few minutes.

Complete immersion

Oculus Quest 2 Reco

Oculus Quest 2

Virtually no distractions (other than those you choose)

The Quest 2 is an amazing entry point into virtual reality, with dozen of powerful and charming experiences ready to immerse you in. And thanks to the latest updates, you can also keep an eye on business emails or family calls.

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