Android can now ship hyperlinks to Oculus Quest 2 VR headset

The Oculus Quest 2 is one of the cheapest, and frankly one of the best, ways to experience VR, and it’s got loads of games and features to boot. With the latest Oculus Quest 2 update, owners can now send links from their Android device to the headset to view in VR.

The v37 update for Oculus Quest 2, described in Oculus’ official blog post, allows headset owners to send a link from their Android smartphone to the VR headset so that it starts immediately when the headset is put on. Oculus says this feature is exclusive to Android at the moment, but there are plans to bring it to iOS in time.

This feature is enabled through the Oculus app on your Android phone/tablet and only requires your headset to be fully powered off. From there, the Oculus app appears as a share target for Android apps, and links can be sent to the headset’s built-in browser.

With v37, we are making it possible for anyone using Android devices to seamlessly share links from phone to headset via the Oculus mobile app. Just make sure your headset is turned on and Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Then open a website on your phone, click share, select the Oculus app → Open now, select your headset and it will automatically open in the browser when you put on your headset.

An art gallery made for VR, an Oculus blog article you want to read in VR while browsing the store, or just a really fun Instagram reel – share whatever you want. And if you’re traveling or don’t have your headset nearby, use the Save to VR option and you’ll find the link later in the Saved section of your Discover page.

Update v37 for Oculus Quest 2 also adds support for the Apple Magic Keyboard in VR, better window and browser tab organization, new hand tracking controls, and a revamped Explore page.

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