Alvo would be the first Oculus Quest 2 unique, beating out Resident Evil 4

Aim Psvr Ps StoreSource: Outsidein Entertainment / PlayStation

Earlier this week, Outsidein Entertainment, the studio behind Alvo, went to Reddit to announce that their VR multiplayer shooter has been approved for an Oculus Quest release following its PSVR release in April. The announcement came along with an open call for beta testers on the Oculus Quest subreddit. Oddly enough, the post only encouraged Quest 2 owners to join their Discord server.

UploadVR contacted the developer to determine if the beta exclusivity for Quest 2 only existed during the beta phase or if Alvo would only start on Quest 2. Outsidein Entertainment then confirmed that Alvo would start without Quest 1 support. They also confirmed that this was mainly due to the fact that the original quest wasn’t powerful enough to run the game in its current state.

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This puts Alvo in an odd position as the first game started on Quest 2 but not on the original Quest. So far, the only other games to be released without Quest 1 support are After the Fall, which will receive Quest 1 support after its launch, and Resident Evil 4 VR, which will be the first true blue Quest 2 exclusive as it is will not hit any other VR platform.

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