5 VR Health Video games to Get When You are on a Price range

There are those with evergreen bank accounts and then there are the rest of us who have to save and budget. The reality is that money is flowing, but there are times when we can’t justify buying a trendy VR game for $ 30 or even $ 60 (yep). A lot of love and work went into creating it, it kills calories, can be modified for funsies, but it’s just too expensive!

Get an effective VR workout on a budget by buying fitness games that won’t damage your piggy bank!

Budget VR Workout 1: 30 USD + taxes

I played 3 games, exercised more than 10 minutes each, and about 43 minutes. In between, there was some downtime for setup, waiting for screens, and all that jazz.

So you will see my heart rate spinning down in the areas and larger gaps that took me some time to close the games and start the others.

This is a free Oculus game that gave me 4 melee charge options to destroy robots. They are: hold two blades to wield two flying axes, to use a blade and ax, or use one of the two weapons. Add your own music to make robot killing a unique workout.

Even though I moved up stairs with gentle movements, I still moved a bit, walking around robots with weapons, missiles, and blades. Granted, I could have used my legs more to dodge 1: 1 robotic attacks, but my heart rate was still increased due to blade attacks.

This is a $ 9.99 purchase on the Oculus, Vive, and WMR on a deal for this arm-burning karate chop and rhythm game. It’s just you, your hands, fists, and shuriken.

For this workout, I was playing chapters 1-2 when a karate master threw me cinder blocks and boards to the music. This guy is going to fly around and throw things and you have to follow him by turning around. I used my hands to chop, pressed a button to close my fists and slapped and then threw shuriken with the push of a button. This game feels a lot like hitting a speedbag with no resistance.

It’s a $ 19.99 VR game. Don’t fret, you saved some serious coin with the first two games I recommended. It’s one of the most popular VR games and a killer rhythm, music, and full body workout game for Oculus, Vive, and WMR users. PSVR soon.

New players will start playing the game’s original 11-song soundtrack and beatmaps. Or you can go there Beginner’s Guide to Beat Saber Modding Articles to really customize your card / music loadout. As you can see in the picture, my fat burning, cardio and calorie burning have all peaked on this game.

Budget VR Workout 2: USD 30 + taxes

For this training session I played 3 games again, except this time I added two different games to the mix. I played them over 10 minutes per segment and that took 39 minutes.

Remember, it took me over 30 minutes because of loading times, game entry, a water break, and because I added another chapter of Chop It to my workout.

As I said above, I added Chapter 3 to mine work out. This extended the playing time by about 3 minutes. As you can see in my workout data, this game really got my heart rate up and started burning fat, and even cardio was starting to peak.

In all honesty, cutting boards and cinder block hitting made my arms very tired and tested my skills in terms of coordination and rhythm. There are 10+ chapters, so in terms of fitness, this game is worth over $ 1 per chapter as you can repeat it over time to beat your higher scores and work those arms.

This is a free squatting game for Oculus and Vive headsets. Oh man, my thighs are on fire because I crouch down low and hold them so I can really stretch and lather my legs. My fitness data shows that this leg tag game really got my heart rate up steadily and put me in fat burning for most of the workout.

This is a bargain and a one-of-a-kind VR game that will test your ability to crouch through tunnels. Walk up and down at a moderate pace and shake your legs by holding them through the cut out tunnels. Don’t make the same mistakes I made and make sure you get up between the tunnels. If you don’t, it will cost you your level and you will have to start over.

It’s my second Splurge game, and it’s priced at $ 19.99 for Oculus, Vive, and WMR headsets. If you are looking for a platform boxing game to get in shape, improve your cardio, and work on working off the extra weight, this is your favorite game.

I played an 11-minute boxing session called “Hip Hop Hook,” where I poked, hooked, overcuts, and even did side lunges and squats. After playing hot squat, my legs felt burned out, which I felt early on in the BOXVR session. The pain subsided over time, and I fell and crouched and drifted through the workout. The fitness data shows that I have reached my heart rate and maintained a steady increase in fat burning and cardio. Well worth the $ 20 as there is tons of content created by fitness experts.

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