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When it comes to bringing something new into your life – or for Christmas – that virtual reality (VR) fanatic, Facebook’s new Oculus Quest 2 is the headset. Starting at £ 299, the standalone headset wasn’t too difficult to hold, but was easier in some countries than others. Here are the current delivery times from

The Oculus official website is probably the main shopping portal due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. The local retailers are closed due to lockdown measures. As you can see in the table below, the headset will be available before December 25th in most countries with a few exceptions.

Customers in the US or Canada will be hardest hit, with mid to late January 2021 being the earliest. With the Oculus Quest 2 – 64GB model apparently the most popular, there is a longer delay in countries like the UK and Ireland.

Oculus warehouse shipping Oculus Quest 2 – 64 GB Oculus Quest 2 – 256 GB
United Kingdom December 31 23rd of December
United States of America Jan. 12 Jan. 12
Ireland Jan. 4 December 28th
Australia December 17th December 17th
Austria December 18th December 18th
Belgium December 17th December 17th
Canada Jan. 19 Jan. 19
Denmark December 18th December 18th
Finland 23rd of December 23rd of December
France December 18th December 18th
Germany Data not available Data not available
Iceland December 18th December 18th
Italy December 18th December 18th
Japan December 18th December 18th
Netherlands December 18th December 18th
New Zealand December 18th December 18th
Norway Dec. 21 Dec. 21
Poland December 18th December 18th
South Korea 16 Dec 16 Dec
Spain December 18th December 18th
Sweden December 18th December 18th
Switzerland Dec. 21 Dec. 21
Taiwan December 22 December 22

Oculus Quest 2

This is of course only possible from If local retailers are open or have online sales, they may have more inventory. The 256GB version is available this week through Amazon UK, but the 64GB version is not in stock.

German customers will also find that no data was available. This is due to Facebook’s ongoing problems with the Federal Cartel Office (FCO) stopping the sale.

As stocks continue to fluctuate, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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