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TikTok star Josh Richards has closed rumors that his Sway House collective has ended after the news was spread online.

Sway was arguably one of TikTok’s biggest collectives, alongside people like Hype House. With developers like Richards, Griffin Johnson, and Bryce Hall, they have garnered millions of followers and have become some of the biggest names on the platform.

While they’ve had some controversy over the course of their time, the Sway guys have a large, solid fan base.

So when rumors started circulating that Sway might be over, they had to get out and tell their fans that all is still well and good and that they are still very much together.

Instagram: swaylaThe Sway House is a collective of male TikTokers with tens of millions of followers.

The subject was brought up during an episode of Josh Richards’ BFF’s podcast with Dave Portnoy, who asked, “What the hell is wrong with Sway House?” From there Josh had to explain the rumors and what had really gone down.

“Dude … I woke up and got a FaceTime from Noah the day all these tweets went out,” the TikToker said. “Noah is like, ‘Josh, Sway is falling apart or something?’ I had no idea what he was talking about, so I go straight to my phone and see all these tweets. “

Josh adds that he “has no idea what happened,” but clearly has no idea how these rumors came about, but that it is causing Sway to lose followers on Instagram – despite the fact that the collective is definitely not “dead” is “as Portnoy put it.

The topic starts at 2:42 am

Josh says it could be traced back to some tweets from member Blake Gray, but when it does, he clearly feels that fans have read too much into the situation.

While the sway house no longer has to be just a group of creators living in a single house, it seems the group still looks at each other very much so fans don’t have to worry.

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