Watch Oculus Quest 2 Encourage Princess Nokia’s Interior Gamer

The hype behind Facebook’s new virtual reality system Oculus Quest 2 is real. Indulge in his
Oculus recently teamed up with three aspiring influencers who are using their musical craft to
create and inspire. Watch these artists’ impressive reactions to their first time with Quest 2
shows you how immersive VR immersion can be.

First up is New York’s own Princess Nokia, a famous underground rapper who watched her
Career catapult to mainstream success when she dropped her EP in 2016 in 1992. Just like the day
Princess Nokia realized that she had “arrived” in the entertainment world, as the New York rapper will
Never forget the day she left the world she knew and entered the Oculus Universe.
Even as a newcomer to gaming, Princess Nokia says that this VR experience “[is] the coolest thing I’ve ever had
ever done in my life. “

Get your hands on Quest 2 as you watch the East Coast MC get new for inspiration
experiences and immerses herself in a world that, as she says, makes her really “happy”.

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