Watch Aminé Expertise the World of VR with Oculus Quest 2 | Play for Actual

Oculus and Complex continue to tap into the coolest influencers to jump into virtual reality, enticing them with a range of games that will delight both novice and experienced gamers alike. Next up, the singer, songwriter and producer Aminé recently donned the new Quest 2 headset just to see how impressive the experience was.

Known for hits like his 2016 smash “Caroline” and his most recent summer release “Riri”, the Portland, Oregon native lives from creativity in film, music production and directing. In real life, Aminé loves the freedom to move creatively and without limits. He felt like he could easily replicate himself as he found his rhythm and beat his way through Beat Saber on Quest 2.

“This has definitely exceeded my expectations of VR”, Aminé summarizes his virtual gaming experience. “I didn’t know it was going to be so intense and so physical … it just felt real.”

Thanks to Oculus’s immersive visual experience and sensory control system, the MC was able to embark on an adventure with most cards that is far more realistic than what can be found on a traditional game console.

“The vibrations from the actual controller felt like I was actually hitting the objects,” says the Portland rapper. “If I didn’t duck, it just hit me and it felt like something was about to hit me.”

Aminé says these haptic effects helped transport him to another world when he put on the headset. Now that he’s got his introduction to virtual reality who knows what’s next for this creative. VR music videos maybe?

Get ready to practice your dance moves and step into Oculus with Aminé.


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