VR Therapies Launches Immersive Bodily Health Program for UK Senior Dwelling Teams

Last Friday, VR Therapies (virtual reality) gained capital to scale its immersive physical healthcare program for senior living communities in Northampton, UK.

The UK immersive firm secured seniors with a 6-month program with financial help from the local charity group Northamptonshire Sport, the National Lottery, and Sport England. Northamptonshire Sport’s Together Fund assisted in raising funds for the project.

VR Therapies’ physical fitness program looks to assist elderly individuals with dementia, Parkinson’s, and other long-term health conditions. The firm is launching the program in locations across the UK and a “fully accessible, multi-sensory” venue in Northampton.

According to the firm, local voluntary, charity, and community organizations can also access the program for group and individual physical therapy sessions.

Nurse Therapist and the Founder of VR Therapies, Rebecca Gill, added:

We’re very proud to be partnering with Northamptonshire Sport, the National Lottery and Sport England. With this funding, we’ll increase wellbeing within our local elderly population by combining physical activity and immersive Virtual Reality therapies, with a special focus on those with dementia, Parkinson’s and other long-term health conditions.

Gill also noted that therapeutic VR solutions show impressive results in improving mental and physical well-being. The founder explained that while some people are reluctant to engage in traditional exercise, a VR alternative can reengage fitness through immersive technology and visuals.

Scaling VR Therapy

Northamptonshire Sports Representative Matthew Peleszok says:

As Northamptonshire’s leading physical activity, health and wellbeing charity, we’re committed to supporting our elderly communities with physical and now virtual exercise therapies to improve healthy lifestyles. We’re delighted to be working with VR Therapies, providing funding from Sport England and the National Lottery through our Together Fund.

Peleszok noted that VR exercise provides new benefits for senior living groups in terms of physical activity, growth, and providing local opportunities. The representative also explained that VR Therapies would deliver more fitness programs, with Northamptonshire Sports, across the UK. Peleszok noted how the program will use the “power of sport and physical activity to change lives in Northamptonshire.”

VR Therapies provides clients with bespoke therapeutic immersive experiences that include VR visualizations like art, music, education, history and travel. The firm offers VR equipment and training to deliver an immersive program successfully.

VR for Senior Living Communities

Stateside, immersive firms like RendeverFit provide senior living communities with a physical therapy plan that offers a hub for users to access VR games, visuals, and experiences.

The firm’s RendeverFit solution encourages movement among senior living groups. The service also provides cognitive exercises and socialization opportunities to keep senior users engaged, remotely connecting communities through distributed VR experiences.

Additionally, RendeverFit streams instructions through immersive fitness experts that guides senior living groups through movements.

The firm also encourages fitness through its Multi-Brush application, a multi-player edition of tilt-brush, providing senior living communities with a way to express themselves in VR while simultaneously improving fitness.

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