VR Health Recreation Updates — In Loss of life and oVRshot

Today we have an archery update for VR fans with arrow shooting. In Death and oVRshot are both great fitness games that use repetitive and fast-paced upper body movements. Stay tuned with these VR and fitness updates.

In death updates

After In death (Sólfar Studios) left Steam Early Access on October 2nd and received some updates that VR Archers need to know about. Archers got a new weapon in August, the crossbowthat inflicts melee damage to knights. Now archers have a longbow and crossbow to choose from (only one at a time) that they can use with a variety of arrows and health along the way.

Die-hard online gamblers suggest that using the crossbow is one arrow at a time. It’s not associated with multishot and will be harder to master as you progress through the levels. Personally, I haven’t tried the crossbow, I just get the twist of the longbow.

What I have experienced and what people are saying online is that the most practical weapon for combat and arm, shoulder, back and chest exercises is the longbow, shield and teleport shard together.

In Death also got a new chapter called Paradise lost with more vivid details on the outside and haunted dark rooms and corridors while crawling in the dungeon. Still expect variations of knights, zombies, skeletons, ghosts, hooded monks, orphans and other goldhorting enemies around every corner.

But also welcome them new banshees throw the magic with projectile damage, and Baby cherubs fly around and attack you when you stand against the wings Gabriel in a boss fight.

Other game improvements for In Death:

  • Gabriel does not get stuck or is thrown from the world
  • The rating has been reweighted
  • The ranking has been reset
  • Fixed items that were dropped before achieving achievement
  • Environment changes that were darkened or fog added are now brighter
  • The arrow of God’s wrath falls less in Paradise Lost

oVRshot updates

Credit To: Window Licker Games

oVRshot (Window games) is a single player and 3v3 multiplayer game. Both single player and multiplayer can be played with bots. They have difficulty settings set to Easy, Medium, and Hard for players. Play as 3 classes: Assault, Scout or Defense in two new levels in which you can look over, under and over your shoulder.

Since we last reported on her Update In May 2018, oVRshot was frequently updated with new content. It has now 6 cards and 3 kinds of game modes with the latest updates in bold: Power Station (Demolition), Court (king of the hill), Connection (termination), Loading dock (demolition), Warehouse (King of the Hill), data center (Deathmatch).

In the loading dock, platforms, boxes, cars and rooms are divided up. If the other team wanted to, they could hide and spawn you and your team in. However, most of the fighting takes place in the direction of the demo target. There are cars to hide in, lots of boxes and pillars to sneak behind so the players can sneak up on the other team.

Thanks to a recent update, bots are smarter too and can use class powerups. They protect, patrol, hide behind structures and defend / attack targets like real players. Players picked up in combat will now immediately have their challenger’s name. This will make it easier for you to plan your revenge. Look down at your wrist as well as it has helpful kill data in case you need to be reminded.

Added game updates to oVRshot:

  • The bots can now act more like gamers and hide / hide
  • Better graphics performance
  • The lobby is more finely tuned
  • Bug fixes galore
  • Get 25 kills and win deathmatch

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