VR Cowl Gives Should Have Consolation And Hygiene Upgrades For Oculus Quest 2 (Overview)

VR Cover offers a variety of products that improve the comfort, hygiene, and overall quality of the Quest 2’s foam face cushion.

If you are just getting started with VR with Oculus Quest 2, you may not be aware that there is a thriving aftermarket for upgradeable parts and parts for VR headsets. The Quest 2 is a fantastic device, but it’s definitely not perfect. The $ 299.99 price tag can’t be beat, but to get there it seems that some pretty obvious corners have been trimmed. If you’re looking to make improvements to the standard face surface, VR Cover is the place for you. VR Cover offers a variety of products that improve the comfort, hygiene, and overall quality of the Quest 2’s foam face cushion. Replacing / updating the face surface is an inexpensive way to get more out of your Oculus Quest 2. This is the only investment that I would consider mandatory for the new headset.

VR cover for Oculus Quest 2

New VR gamers are sometimes surprised when they discover just how active VR games are. While there are plenty of practice, dance, and rhythm games on Quest 2, virtually any VR game will get you on your feet, move you, and eventually make you sweat. The foam pad that came with the Quest 2 notoriously cannot mitigate the effects of sweating. The sponge-like foam not only gets dirty over time, it also prevents sweat from getting into your eyes and causing irritation. Wearing glasses in VR is an even bigger problem because the lenses tend to fog up as they generate heat and sweat.

The VR cover accessory is a cotton cover that extends over the standard Quest 2 seal and is extremely good at wicking moisture away. These covers are great to wear when you play particularly active games as they can be removed and washed between workouts. The company includes two covers with every purchase so they can be swapped out and cleaned between uses. I played one of my favorite rhythm games, OhShape, until I seriously sweat. The cotton covers did a great job of keeping sweat away from my eyes and keeping the foam pad clean and dry. This is a great upgrade for anyone who sweats a lot in VR.

Silicone case for Oculus Quest 2

Another option is the silicone case. This rubbery cover extends over the foam face surface just like the cotton VR cover, but serves a slightly different purpose. The hypoallergenic silicone prevents sweat and oil from your skin from penetrating the foam pad and is even easier to clean than the cotton covers. In addition, the silicone forms a tighter seal on your face, preventing the headset from sliding around while you play and preventing sweat from your forehead from entering the mask at all.

What I like about the silicone case is how easy it is to wipe and sanitize between uses. One of the best things about Quest 2 is how easy it is to travel with and share with others. The silicone cover makes the headset very easy to clean, so that several people can use the Quest without spreading germs. It’s not as comfortable to wear as the cotton cover, but it definitely has its advantages, especially for multiple users.

Facial interface and foam replacement kit for Oculus Quest 2

The absolutely best upgrade that VR Cover offers is the Facial Interface and Foam Replacement Set. This is a complete replacement for the foam pad that came with the Oculus 2, including the plastic frame that snaps into the headset. This face surface is more comfortable, easier to clean and more durable than the foam. If you are looking for the best option to improve facial surface, this is it.

What I like best about the replacement set is how easy it is to use and clean. The new plastic Velcro fastener for attaching the new foam is softer and more pillow-like than the foam. It’s also covered with soft PU leather, which makes it very easy to wipe off and keep clean. If at some point the pad wears out and flattens out (which hasn’t happened to me after dozens of hours) it’s incredibly easy to tear out the Velcro and put in a new one. You never have to take the plastic attachment out of the headset and risk scratching the lenses.

The replacement kit has a silicone nose protector to prevent slight leaks, a problem I definitely had with the standard interface, and to create a better seal around your face. I found that the nose guard tickled my nose a bit when the headset wasn’t in the perfect position, but if you find it irritating it’s very easy to remove.

The replacement interface is available in either black or light gray and the nose seal / plastic frame is available in black and red. The cotton cover and silicone cover will not work with the replacement set, but this option really is the ultimate upgrade for a single user experience.

VR Cover has discontinued TheGamer products for this test. You can learn more about VR Cover by visiting their website.

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