VR Chat Units New Data, Pokemon Go Nonetheless Raking It In

Most people we know spent the week riveted to cable news. We are still. But we had our other eye on tech news. The role of social networks will be endlessly debated. Facebook and Twitter kept the lid on things by turning off everything advertisers and consumers like about their services.

It start with “be who you want to be” avatars and led to “be where you want to be” virtual worlds.

VR Chat

VRChat hits 24,000 concurrent users, with over half helped in VR. Following the launch of the Oculus Quest 2, Previously around 30-40% of VRChat users were in VR, but since the Quest 2 launch that number has broken 50%.

PlayStation CEO hints the future of VR is a few years out, and maybe PSVR2 is as well. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan tells the Washington Post the future of VR is far in the future.

French mixed reality (XR) startup Emissive has secured backing from HTC via its Vive X accelerator program. The move targets an anticipated spike in demand for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications in museums.

Apple and Google masters hiring special effects out of Hollywood for work in AR. The big tech companies can offer better pay and working conditions to work on cutting edge projects.

We don’t talk about it much, but these sensors are going to drive sales of AR headsets, whose first … [+] killer app will be TELEPRESENCE. If you don’t know, now you know.


Microsoft’s Azure Kinect makes its way to commercial devices. The Azure Kinect development kit launched last year for $400. For the first time, two companies will be using the technology in their respective industries. Both Analog Devices and SICK AG are collaborating with Microsoft to integrate the Azure Kinect into their products.

Oculus Quest 2 Elite head strap quality control issues lead to paused orders. Some customers have complained about the Elite head strap snaps in two after only a few uses. Oculus has paused orders for the head strap to investigate and is reaching out to customers regarding the issue.

Pokemon GO experiences best year yet this year, despite COVID lock downs. So far in 2020 the company is estimated to have generated over $1 billion in player spending.

Viveport giving 100% of revenue share to developers through the end of 2020. For the rest of the year, any revenue from an app sold on Viveport goes 100% to the app’s creator. Viveport has made this 100% revenue share move during the holidays for the past three years.

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