Video games You Want To Play On Oculus Quest 2

Those looking for a rhythm game while also feeling like they’re in Tron with a dash of Star Wars should look no further than Beat Games’ Beat Saber.

With your two lightsabers, you’ll cut and stab cubes that fly at you in time, with some hard hitting tracks on the in-game soundtrack as well as a sizable number of DLC tracks from bands like Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park and BTS.

The great thing about Beat Saber for Quest 2 owners is that you don’t move around the room too much to get disoriented, and it doesn’t require a large space to fully enjoy it. You can also exercise as you may have to crouch or move from side to side during the song to avoid obstacles.

With a strong soundtrack, online leaderboards, full campaign, and online multiplayer, Beat Saber is the definition of a breeze for your VR library.

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