Tyler Loses 65 Kilos With BOX VR, Punching In direction of Objective Weight!

Tyler, like most of us, worked at a job and had created a lifestyle that led to weight gain. He got an Oculus and has since lost 65 pounds by playing BOX VR, Beat Saber, and other VR games. Here’s how he messed up his lifestyle and made strides toward his goals of cosplaying Iron Man and beyond!

VRFI: You mentioned that you were a home dad and that made you gain weight, and now you work in law enforcement IT. Did you train then or were you mostly sedentary? How did that look for you?

T: While I was at home, I didn’t really have the motivation to exercise. It was easier to say “I’ll do it tomorrow” or to joke about my weight in general. I thought because weight gain was common in my family, it would be common for me too. I was mostly sedentary because I went to school all day online between a full-time parent and husband.

VRFI: How much weight did you gain during that time?

T: I gained about 70 pounds while at home with my child.

Tyler with Stephen Amell from Green ArrowVRFI: You told us that adapting to a cosplay of Iron Man was a big motivator for you to lose weight. Did / did anything else motivate you?

T: So far, my main motivation has been to fit into my cosplay suit lose weight. At the beginning of my cosplay build, I set myself a weight goal. Once I had that, I created a virtual model of myself and based my cosplay measurements on it. That way, if I lost weight, I’d have something to look forward to and fit in too.

VRFI: Was VR gaming a new concept for you or have you played video games before?

T: I had played regular 2D games in the past, but VR games were a completely new concept to me. I had tried Google Cardboard in the past and found it kind of cheesy. One day I was walking through my local electronics store and they had a demo of the Oculus Rift. From that point on, I got hooked and rarely play 2D games.

VRFI: Were there challenges while playing VR in your Oculus first?

T: At first I was scared of that Motion sickness hearing about it online would reach me. After doing a bit, I got pretty used to it. The only game that put me off, even though I was used to VR, was Lone Echo. The simulated weightlessness really messed me up at first, but I eventually got used to it.

VRFI: You told us that you play BOX VR a lot. BOX VR is an excellent choice for a well-rounded workout, especially when you are pressed for time. How many times a week do you play it and how long?

T: I usually try to play 4 to 5 times a week with a day break between workouts. I generally try to do the 20 minute workouts and for me this can burn between 300 and 700 calories at a time. When I’m not exercising, I keep a diet of around 1500-1800 calories. I think it got my metabolism going with my diet and VR workouts.

VRFI: Do you play other VR games that are great for fitness or target specific areas of the body?

T: I’ve played a few other games that I think are good for fitness Audio shield and Hit saber. I think these are pretty good because they target your core and arms and make you stand up and move with some speed.

VRFI: How much weight have you lost since your first day using the Oculus?

T: I’ve lost about 65 pounds since I got my tear. I don’t plan to stop even if I achieve my cosplay goal.

VRFI: How Did You Change Your Diet To Aid Your Weight Loss?

T: I completely changed my diet when I started exercising. My family and I have eaten out probably two or three times a week, and now that number has dropped to maybe once a week. When we eat out I usually think of my cheat meal and then go on with my diet. Since I work in an office setting, I like to have fresh meals that I can put in the microwave. We also ate a lot of processed foods and now that is almost gone. Now we mostly eat fresh foods with lean meat.

VRFI: With a healthier lifestyle, have you seen other changes in your feelings, energy levels, etc? Have you played as Iron Man or are you working towards it?

T: With my new lifestyle, I’ve found that I have a lot more energy than before and I also feel a lot better overall. As for my Iron Man cosplay, I’m still working on it and plan to do it by about March 2019.

VRFI: What would you say to our readers who are considering switching to VR for fitness, weight loss, or a lifestyle change?

T: I would look for weight loss on VR because if you’re like me and hate going to the gym, VR is my goal. It enables me to lose weight and burn calories because I can be in any environment I want and eliminate outside distractions. My Oculus Rift and BOX VR was definitely a life changer for me.

VRFI: Thanks for talking to us, Tyler!

We at VR Fitness Insider are happy when people change their lives with VR Fitness! Tyler lost 65 pounds and continues to lose weight using VR games to burn calories. He managed to change the way he and his family eat and that helped accelerate his plan. He reminds us that having a motivator like fitting into a cosplay outfit or even new clothes helps ensure that fit players have a fun and tangible goal to work towards in order to keep fitness a priority!

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