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Sourcesity and VisionBody have joined forces to create one new full body haptic suit This sends electrical muscle stimulation or EMS impulses to the wearer’s body to simulate touch and impact in virtual reality. The pulsations and vibrations that are sent by her PowerBeatsVR Game and for VisionBody PowerSuitWork together to turn virtual exercise into an activity that you will want to return to time and time again.

The tech

The PowerBeatsVR PowerSuit is a neck-to-wrist-to-ankle suit (although some versions offer less protection) that connects to 20 specially placed EMS pulse pads for haptic feedback and works with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality Headsets is compatible. Users get fit and can play rhythm and fitness games while their muscles are stimulated to repair and grow. At the same time, they feel touches, impact forces from virtual weapons and other sensations with the haptic EMS vibrations.

The PowerSuit is made of a bi-elastic fabric that should stretch and fit like a second skin. It’s equipped with Bluetooth for wireless connectivity so you don’t have to fidget with more cables than you already have to. We haven’t tested the technology ourselves, but it is said that it moves along with a wearer’s stretch in yoga and dynamic movement while using controllers or while beating beats Cycling in VR.

EMS Health and Fitness Benefits

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Electrical muscle stimulation pulses have been used by physical therapists to accelerate muscle healing for normal people to professional athletes. Sports medicine weekly says EMS is great for reducing muscle and joint damage from an active lifestyle or active genetics, reducing exercise fatigue, increasing strength, and leading to faster muscle recovery. If you want to buy this suit for the fun play factor, the EMS benefits are an added bonus!

The EMS values ​​of the PowerSuit are not set to an intensity level. Users can choose the pulses and vibrations up to feel like increased muscle tension, or down to feel lightly massaged. So, if you want to untangle muscles in yoga, you can adjust them so that you don’t get torn out of the vinyasa flow. Or when you play PowerBeats VR, feel the beats get hit by music or strike like a sword and then slice you up to take the guesswork out of where you got hit in a fast-paced FPS game.

VR fitness benefits

Active rhythm games like PowerBeatsVR let you hit punch balls or hit them when they fly to points and are the PowerSuit’s first compatible fitness game. Play active game titles like PowerBeats VR on a spatial scale and with six degrees of freedom Standing and moving freely is a great way to achieve full body conditioning and can set your workout on fire.

PowerBeatsVR is not trying to get the gym life out of your workout routine, but rather tries to complement the days off we all experience. In a statement, they sympathize with people who want to get and stay active, while also being a solution for more serious athletes. They say, “Traditional training in a gym is still great, but it takes discipline to maintain or improve your body. Even the most disciplined athletes often struggle not to break their training habits. By combining fitness and virtual reality, it is possible to make fitness a habit that is just as addicting as your favorite video games. “

Playing PowerBeatsVR will be an effective upper and lower body workout and can be compared to it Box VR, Sound boxing, and Hit saberThese are all fitness tracks that coordinate music and directional balls or boxes with a user’s actions. Players hit or hit these balls to the beat and ignite the fat reserves of their body with extended playing times. The lower body is targeted when players avoid obstacles, fall out, or crouch. Hardcore mode allows you to increase the intensity until you pass the full body fitness challenge.

Check out the video below to see PowerBeatsVR in action!

Where can I find it?

You can expect to be able to buy PowerBeatsVR and their PowerSuit this year in 2018. Stay up to date on all product developments by visiting PowerBeatVRs Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Pages.

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