Tower Exercise Affords Intense VR Workouts By way of WebVR

While there are many games and experiences in virtual reality that can help you stay active, it can sometimes be more difficult to find an application that you really enjoy. While games like Beat Saber and Supernatural have become popular with a wider audience, there is occasional digging around to find some hidden gems.

Take part in Towermax Fitness’ aptly titled tower workout that looks like it could turn out to be one of the most sweaty routines ever. Tower Workout places you on a virtual tower. As you keep getting better, the tower will grow taller. The game is essentially a shadow boxing exercise where you have to hit specific targets while avoiding others.

The goal then is to keep your own tower as high as possible before your session ends. Towermax even asks the hardcore users to get 50 meters high in the course of a 50 minute session. This is known as the Tower Challenge.

While playing, you need to apply various forms of hitting, which can include a cross, hook, and overcut. In addition, you will occasionally need to do other activities such as squats, running, and dodging. And if you have an HTC Tracker handy, you can take in a few kicks too.

Similar to other games in the VR fitness genre, Tower Workout also lets you use different titles from Soundcloud to listen to while you play. Sessions are also incredibly customizable and can have different backgrounds so you never have to feel like you’re exercising in the same static environment.

One example of this that Towermax Fitness recently unveiled is an arena where it looks like the sun is rising on the horizon. This can be a great routine if you want to get active in the morning.

A short video showing this locale in action can be found here:

While Tower Workout sounds like any other VR app, Towermax makes it clear that this routine is no joke. In fact, the official tower workout website suggests that users have a background in shadow boxing or take regular action before attempting this. “Beginners are definitely welcome, but they have to be very careful,” the website says. So, if you’re out of shape and looking for an entry-level VR exercise, this may not be the best place to start.

However, there are beginner courses where Towermax encourages potential users to give it a shot too. The Tower Workout Basics course can even be done with a group of up to four people, with an instructor guiding you through the game. These sessions last an hour and can be registered on the Towermax website.

How do you give tower workouts a chance, you might ask? Unlike most other VR games and apps on the market, you can’t download Tower Workout from a platform like Steam or the Oculus Store and then install it on your device. Instead, you start the routine directly from your own Internet browser.

While you need to use a WebVR or WebXR compatible browser (including Supermedium, Firefox, and Oculus browsers), visiting the Tower Fitness website can get you right into your own tower workout in no time. It’s a bit different than most of the other games out there, but it definitely lowers the barrier to entry. The best part is that you don’t have to pay any price at all and you can sign up for a membership which gives you many additional benefits for free.

Currently, Tower Workout is only compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest headsets. For more information on the game, and to find all other mentions from this article, you can go to the Towermax website by clicking here.

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