This Oculus Quest 2 replace makes VR video games even smoother to play

The Oculus Quest 2 VR headset has just been updated to bring smoother and smoother images to your virtual worlds.

The latest v23 update increases the maximum refresh rate for your VR games to 90 Hz, a decent step up from the 72 Hz offered by the original Quest headset.

One of the Quest 2’s biggest selling points is the refresh rate that is improved compared to its predecessor. However, when the new headset launched, only 90 Hz was supported for a number of menus. This update ensures that all system software can benefit from the hardware’s advanced functions. Select third-party software that can maintain a frame rate of 90 fps also gets a visual boost.

The release notes for the update list a few other improvements, including “Latency Reduction Technology” to reduce delay and “Improved Image Resolution” for all “System User Interfaces”. We therefore expect at least a small increase in display quality.

First class

English writer GK Chesterton wrote that “the essence of every picture is the frame” – and we think we can apply that to the frame rate too. The ability to pack 90 frames per second makes for a smoother visual experience with less jerking compared to 72 frames per second and likely less motion sickness too.

With fast-moving VR games, say first-person shooters like Half-Life: Alyx or the high-speed Beat Saber, you get a lot of visual information per second. So a high refresh rate really makes a difference in what you see and when you see it.

The launch of Oculus Quest 2 has certainly been a success. A large number of pre-orders showed an increased interest in VR – even if Facebook’s handling of the Oculus platform has generated criticism. The need to log in to a Facebook account on a new Oculus headset and the risk of your data and downloads being deleted if you ever attempt to leave the Facebook ecosystem is understandably tousled.

So evaluating the Quest 2 is difficult – but as VR hardware with constantly improving features, it’s difficult not to see its potential.

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