This Oculus Quest 2 Hack Lets You Use Discord And Spotify

The first crucial process is getting SideQuest itself working and connected to your Quest device. You’ll need a USB-C cord that can connect your PC or Android phone to your Quest headset. You’ll also need to register the Meta account attached to your Quest device as an Oculus Developer. Don’t worry, you won’t actually need to develop anything, you just need to be able to enable Developer mode and toggle on USB Connections inside of your Quest’s Settings -> System -> Developer menu. We recommend following the specific instructions on the SideQuest website, which is also where you can get all the necessary drivers for your PC.

Setting up Oculess is pretty simple once you’ve already gotten SideQuest up and running on your PC or Android phone. First, download the latest Oculess APK from GitHub, which is Oculess v1.3.3 as of May 13, 2022. The newest release is also featured on the right side of the GitHub directory that we linked to earlier. According to Basti564 in the video above, you’ll want to follow a few additional steps before you can comfortably run Discord and Spotify in the background of your Meta Quest 2 VR experience.

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