The Runtastic VR Exercise: Is It Match Sufficient?

Can you imagine putting on a VR headset and receiving detailed instructions from a seemingly real physical fitness guru? Imagine such a virtual teacher who guides you through individual workouts. You might want to take a virtual bike tour through the selected area or do some calisthenics on the beach. All of this is possible thanks to virtual reality companies like Runtastic.

Runtastic is ready to change the VR game

Runtastic, based in Austria, is a startup that can position itself as a pioneer in the industry. Runtastic is one of the first virtual reality companies to demonstrate the incredible power of virtual reality outside of the entertainment and gaming arenas. Runtastic’s VR training technology uses the Oculus Rift to generate lifelike virtual environments where virtual trainers guide participants through all types of workouts. This technology was first introduced at CES last year and made a good impression. The nice thing about Runtastics VR workouts is that the participant can watch a virtual trainer perform each exercise with the perfect technique. He then repeats these exercises and follows the trainer through the training.

Those who use Runtastic’s VR workouts in the years to come will find that they can fit into a fun and fast workout from just about anywhere. No need to pack a gym bag, refill the water bottle and drive to the local fitness center. Rather, you just have to put on your VR headset and go straight to your own nuanced training. This can be done in the basement, guest room, living room or even in the office. Unlike real-life fitness trainers who sometimes miss sessions, Runtastic virtual reality exercise gurus are guaranteed to be available whenever you want to work out.

A very detailed VR training that you will always enjoy coming back with

Runstastic technology doesn’t stop with a personal trainer. The company’s app even includes detailed notifications letting the user know if their tech is up to par. That’s right – Runtastic programmed the app to monitor the user’s movements. For example, if the virtual instructor is performing leg raises and the user does not raise their legs high enough, an indicator light will illuminate to indicate how far the legs should be raised.

Choose your locale

Let’s face it: training in the same old gym or outdoors can get a bit old. Runtastic makes fitness much more interesting. The company’s app allows users to exercise in a number of fun and interesting virtual environments. Whether it is a beautiful beach setting, a beautiful hillside, a green space or any other locale, the user can choose their preferred training environment for the day and enjoy the virtual environment.

Runtastic CEO Florian Gschwandtner has stated that the company is working on open locales that are fully customizable by the user. This technology enables users to dream up their perfect practice environment and bring it to life in the form of a specially designed virtual space. So if you fancy a virtual fitness lover who will guide you through an intense workout by the water on a tropical island with no clouds in the sky, this is possible with Runtastic’s VR technology. Or maybe you want to exercise in the middle of a thick forest with exotic wildlife, beautiful flora and tall trees. If you can picture it in your mind’s eye, Runtastic technology will turn it into your own virtual reality.

An absolutely immersive experience

Runtastic’s VR technology offers all sorts of fascinating functions that make virtual training even more intense. Users can view Runtastic videos, analyze their activity statistics, experience sound in VR exercise arenas, and interact with a 3D virtual trainer. The end result is a seemingly real virtual practice environment that turns out to be a quite enjoyable escape from the real world. It won’t be long before people prefer to stay home for a virtual workout than bother headed to the gym. Look for Runtastic apps that, over time, will pave the way for other breakthrough VR fitness technologies.

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