The most effective Oculus Quest 2 Prime Day offers 2022: a stay roundup of the newest presents



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We’ve been testing all kinds of Meta Quest 2 head straps lately, and one of our favorite newcomers is Yoges. This fledgling brand only has a few Quest 2 accessories but each of them are quite fantastic, the best of which is the company’s eponymous head strap for the Quest 2.

At first glance, it looks an awful lot like the BoboVR M2 head strap thanks to its unconventional-looking design. Upon closer inspection, however, you’ll find that it adds a substantial amount of padding to the experience — trust me, this one is great comfy — and fixes one of our core annoyances with BoboVR’s strap design: the Yoges head strap has an additional adjustable strap on top to keep the whole thing stable, even during mad bouts of boxing in games like Creed.

Our second favorite is the company’s portable charging case, which lets you put the Quest 2 safely away without removing the ability charge it at the same time. That’s because there’s an external USB port on the side that any USB Type-C charger can be plugged into, which will then charge the Quest 2 inside. You’ll have to remember to plug the Quest 2 into the case itself, of course, but that part’s a bit obvious when you use it.


Oculus app library with Quest 2

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Not to be outdone by Amazon, Meta has its own little sale going on today, as well. It’s not nearly as all-encompassing as a Prime Day sale but several of these on-sale Quest games are well worth your money.

Games like Espire 1 and Phantom: Covert Ops will scratch the itch to keep things stealthy. There’s nothing quite like sneaking around while acting like a secret agent in VR to make you feel totally badass.

Others, like Resist and Apex Construct put you in a dystopian future, tasked with the weight of solving humanity’s plight at the very worst time.

Or maybe a pleasant, relaxing experience is more your style? Take to your canvas in Vermillion, a VR painting simulator that’ll have you rocking a Bob Ross afro in no time. And don’t forget The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, a charming adventure that’s fun for the whole family.


A Meta Quest 2 with a Bobo VR Pro head strap attached

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If you’re looking to pick up a Meta Quest 2 on Prime Day, you’ve got two great choices to pick from. Spend just $249 to get an Amazon Renewed Quest 2, which includes a 1-year satisfaction guarantee from Amazon in case anything goes wrong.

Otherwise, if you’d rather just buy it new, an extra $50 will buy you a brand new 128GB Quest 2 and, as a bonus for Prime Day, Amazon will throw in a $25 gift card so you can pick up some of the other great accessories on sale for the big day. That, effectively, makes a new headset only $25 more than the Amazon Renewed version.

Kiwi knuckle grips for Meta Quest 2 controllers

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KIWI Design makes some of the very best Quest 2 accessories you’ll find anywhere. In fact, these three items on sale are our favorite in each of their respective categories. The KIWI Design head strap is a substantial improvement on the usual Elite Strap formula, featuring solid construction, enough room for big headphones, and a strap that has more than one hinge point so it fits your head better.

Couple that with a fitness facial interface and you’ll be gaming in VR without the annoyance of fogged lenses. KIWI’s smart design includes four vents — two on top and two on bottom — to ensure that cool air can come in through the bottom vents and heat can vent out of the top. The soft pleather face pads also help wick away sweat and are easy to clean and quickly replace with extras thanks to a velcro attachment interface.

Lastly, the upgraded controller grips from KIWI are much more comfortable than the old grips from the company. These new grips feature longer handles, a softer padded wrist strap, and, of course, KIWI’s famous battery compartment that makes swapping out AA’s easy as pie.

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